VU+ receiver to buy.


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I'm about to buy a VU+ receiver, which i'd like to use with my 110cm Triax dish, which i would like to motorise.

My questions are:-

1. Which of the VU+ models would be best for regular firmware availability?

2. Would this receiver be easy to set up with a motorised dish?

3. What channels can be opened with cards/EMU firmware from the satellites Astra2E (28.2o), Astra1 (19.2o), Thor, Hotbird & Sirius?

4. Can the receiver be flashed to receive YouPorn?

I'd really appreciate some help with my questions, and with regards to opening channels, then please send me PM, if possible.

Many thanks!


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VU+Solo 2 is the best value for money and is twin tuner and as easy as any e2 box to setup with a motorised dish.

You can run most card with oscam and the onboard card slot there is also CS

Youporn is a plugin and yes it can be installed.