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  • Hello Ferret,

    in ref. 289560&page=15

    You have deleted my post in the linked section with the words 'chat on file' inside the thread there are many other posts that are not related to file links.
    If the section was wrong you could move the post to the right section or in the answer suggest which section was the correct one. I did not find a 'Chat on File' section
    With best regard,
    I am new & posted in the satelite equipment section. Said my post would have to be checked because I'm new. That was about 1 week ago. How long does it take? Thank you
    Hello my decoder expired null .the serial number is
    S/N 160811021792 Qviart undro 2 can you help me? thanks
    Hi Ferret,

    I have seen you have deleted my post asking for help to recover my deco QVIART UNDRO2 (Serial number 19169186QE00029) from a Expired null. Can you help me? I don`t know what to do. Do I have to write to "Qivant CS Activation request"? I don`t find where it is.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hello my decoder expired null .the serial number is
    S/N 160321009139 Qviart undro 2 can you help me? thanks
    Buenos dias, me gustaria saber donde debo de pedir ayuda para mi problema con mi deco ya que habia solicitado ayuda en este foro y ha sido eliminada, no se si hice algo mal, de ser asi pido disculpas, no era mi intención,
    por si alguien me quiere ayudar dejo el Nº se serie de mi deco S/N 160322002170
    hi ferret mate happy new year.i wonder if you can help.i cant get powervu to work on vusolo2.i tried following the guide from the forums but i cant get my head round it.thanks
    Hello everyone,
    I have done it all, but when they changed it to HD, there's no picture or video display only sound on AFN, only AFN packages, VU+Solo4k and DM900 UHD with OPENATV 6.1 NCAM 2.7 version, so if there's solutions please help me fix. Thanks to you all.

    I was wondering if you can help me in anyway i have got a zgemma H2 and it is bricked so i have purchased a board which allows me to jtag the box to get it working and to do it this uses Broadband studio but it requires BCM7358 Chip to use but i cant seem to find this on the web can you give me a download link for this or any help with doing this would be great as trying to find out info is very limited.


    Hey Ferret, You just deleted my message. Sorry if I did anything wrong, just wanted to ask about this guy.
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