spiderbox 6000


I had reservations about getting rid of my spider 9000 hd but it had started to get re-boot issues so rather than do the repair I decided to treat myself to a 6000 hd, it still has the free xxxx with it so £80 odd seems very reasonable...when it came it was smaller than i'd imagined (all boxes are smaller nowdays) but it is very small...it took a while to get used to the software (which on many websites is descibed as experimental) it is temperamental..a couple of times I lost entire lists of channels, finally though after a week of experimenting it is fully set up and it works a treat its quick,responsive,hd quality is excellent,epg good, all I can say about this is :thum::thum::thum: so 10 out of 10 again & well done spiderbox team.....:thum::thum::thum: