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  • hi maurice, no signal on new box connected cables in menu selected lnb universal 9750/10600 on fixed dish selected 28.2 dish set at 28.2 scanned still no signal i though you lived in england wont bother with the phone contact hope you can help trev
    hi maurice, are you clearing eurosport on 19.2 with the c+nl patch from 29-3-2010 on your ali-c chip stb as on my ali-b chip the box is choosing the czech link cryptoworks key and not the 622 irdeto2 key. regards marcus. p.s. have you got your maxx1000 up and running yet?
    hi maurice, just thought id let you know that the tm1000ci that i patched withthe latest patch and was working is now not. just got a phone call to say the box is now dead and wont switch on or off. im going to pick it up and have a look at it. theres definately something wrong with the latest release of patches. speak soon. regards
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