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It is not that new but pretty recent, just saw a thread on it on sat industry. Looks like a nice device. Can be used for 1 card or for few of them joined in usb hub, as shown on attached pictures.

It is only available at some dutch online shops so I'll paste some of original info from dutch shop, and some info in english:

- Powerfull ARM® 91 Thumb® Processor

- High-performance 32-bit RISC Architecture

- High-density 16-bit Instruction Set

- 64 Kbytes, organized in 512 Pages of 128 Bytes (Single Plane)

- 16 Kbytes Internal High-speed SRAM, Single-cycle Access at Maximum Speed

- Low-power RC Oscillator, 3 to 20 MHz On-chip Oscillator and one PLL

- Supports 3.20, 3.43, 3.69, 4.00, 4.36, 4.80, 5.34, 6.00, 6.86, 8.00, 9.61, 12.0 and 16.0 MHz for smartcards

- Supports standard ftdi_sio driver for Windows and Linux applications

- Developer guide available.

- Works on all Dreambox Models with USB connection

- Works with most softcams (e.g. Newcs, CCcam ect.)

- Can be cascaded with more SmartReaders using a USB Hub.

- No power supply required


De smartreader+

De eerste USB smartcard reader/programmer die u zonder kabels en zonder externe netvoeding direct in iedere PC (linux én windows), maar ook bijvoorbeeld in een router met USB aansluiting en open source operating system, satellietontvangers met USB aansluiting en open source software, maar ook in andere embedded systemen kunt gebruiken.

De Smartreader plus leest en bedrijft alle gangbare smartcards.
De lees/schrijf frequentie is instelbaa r: 3.20, 3.43, 3.69, 4.00, 4.36, 4.80, 5.34, 6.00, 6.86, 8.00, 9.61, 12.0 en 16.0 MHz.

Praktische toepassingen:

* Extra cardreader voor uw Dreambox DM7000, DM7020 en DM7025.
* Ondersteund óók smartcards die alleen op 6Mhz draaien.
Ideaal dus voor kabelboxen die de oude 6Mhz smartcards niet ondersteunen (b.v. de dm7025)
* Werkt in een Dreambox, Reelbox, Tripple Dragon, Linux PC, Windows PC en kan als standaard seriële cardreader aangesproken worden. (/dev/usb/tts/X of COM-4,5,6,X)

* CCcam en NewCS ondersteuning. Met de komende nieuwe firmware geschikt vooralle systemen, door automatische frequentieschakeling.
* Ook geschikt voor diverse toepassingen onder windows en linux i.c.m. met een PCI-DVB kaart of USB-DVB device.
* Smartcards centraal plaatsen in een windows/linux PC. Meerdere smartreaders te gebruiken d.m.v. USB HUB. Ideaal voor Cardsharing.

* De Open Source FTDI driver kan voor ieder systeem gecompileerd worden en vervolgens wordt de smartreader als com/tts device gezien.
Kant en klare Windows driver is beschikbaar.
* Virtueel eindeloos veel smartreaders aansluiten d.m.v. USB hubs.
* Firmware updates via Windows of Linux applicatie binnen slechts enkele seconden.
Click & GO!

developer/ manual

Smartreader+ integraters manual

* Smartreader modes

The Smartreader+ had two modes, command mode and data mode.
Till the CMD mode is entered the smartreader+ is working as a phoenix device at 3,57Mhz.
After entering CMD mode and returning to DATA mode the reader is configured as Smartreader+
and will probably not work as a phoenix till the next time it's cold started by removing the device from the USB port.
In the CMD mode it's possible to program the settings like frequency, protocol, etu, N and inversion.

* Mode selection

To enter the CMD mode set the reader to 5 databits.


/* set smartreader in CMD mode */
struct termios term;
tcgetattr(deviceFd, &term);
term.c_cflag &= ~CSIZE;
term.c_cflag |= CS5;
tcsetattr(deviceFd, TCSANOW, &term);

To enter the DATA mode set the reader to 8 databits.


/* set smartreader in DATA mode */
struct termios term;
tcgetattr(deviceFd, &term);
term.c_cflag &= ~CSIZE;
term.c_cflag |= CS8;
tcsetattr(deviceFd, TCSANOW, &term);

The Smartreader+ doesn't switch by itself so it's to the user to make sure that setting all the right values
you exit CMD mode and enter DATA mode for receiving/sending data to the smartcard.

note: Settings are activated by leaving CMD mode!

* Settings

setting nr payload response
1 FF FF DD sets Fi and Di factors
2 FR EQ sets the frequency
3 NN sets the N value
4 PR sets the protocol
5 IN sets inversion on(1)/off(0)

there is no response from the Smartreader+ after accepting the settings.

Example: Smartreader+ settings for ISO7816 t=0 smartcards:

sr+ <-- CMD MODE
sr+ <-- 01 01 74 01
sr+ <-- 02 0D FB
sr+ <-- 03 00
sr+ <-- 04 00
sr+ <-- 05 00
sr+ <-- DATA MODE
sr+ <-- toggle reset
sr+ --> ATR

* Available frequencies

3.20, 3.43, 3.69, 4.00, 4.36, 4.80, 5.34, 6.00, 6.86, 8.00, 9.61, 12.0 and 16.0 MHz

The user can selected any freqency. The Smartreader+ will selected the nearest available.


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Just google for it. It is available in Dutch shops. One has it priced at 44EUR which is nice drop from what it started at.


Can someone tell me if its possible to use this device directly with cccam without newcs? Thus far I have been unable to do so.


Do you have a right config for this to a IPBox 9000HD, i have tried but i cant get it to work, the rest i have done.


does anyone know whether the smargo reader works in the reelbox lite??? or does it work only in the reelbox avg???
how the box has to be configurated to read the smartcard from the usb port.
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