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  • Hi this is my post

    im looking for help to get read flash dump from stb

    Pls reply post or PM to me.

    Thank you for your knowledge sharing:)

    J'ai besoin d'aide. J'ai un DM800 hd avec Nabilo Blackhole image. J'ai une carte officielle TNT sat mais mon demo n'arrive pas à la lire. Quelle emu je dois utiliser ?

    I think my entry was relevant. Why do you delete? Why you don't suggest the right forum to me? I don't like this style/approach.
    hi freind
    this is a great news to get cas7 paired card work !!

    but i still need the RSA from my dump of "MBCHD" receiver.

    please if you have any solution how to get the RSA i will be very happy.

    thanks freind.
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