Record programmes with DM500S?


Hi i am awaiting my DM500s i was wondering is it possible to like record say programmes to my PC harddrive as the DM500 has no way for internal harddrive , i knew this when i brought but just wondering if it is possible to record to pc

Thanks in advance for any help


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You can mate !

Two ways to do this. The first is to setup a cifs mount to your PC harddrive and use the DReambox webinterface to setup recordings. This can be tricky.

The second is to use a Program called ngrab lite

Use this inconjuction with the ngrabplugin on your dreambox.

Here is a guide

This guide is assuming that you have already setup a shared folder on your PC, and it is successfully mounted on your DM via Expert Settings\Communication Setup\Mounts

If your DM is not equipped with an hard disk or DVD burner, and you would like to record your favourite TV programs to your PC hard drive, then Ngrab represents an alternative solution.

1. Download and install Ngrab to your PC.

After installation is completed, launch Ngrab. It will appear as an icon located in the notification area of your desktop.

2. Right click on the icon, select and click on Einstellungen.

3. Now select dBox Einstellungen, and fill in the IP Address field with the IP address of your DM. Click OK.

4. Click on Dateisystem Einstellungen, and browse to the destination folder where your recordings will be saved, and click OK.

5. Now, you need to set up your DM. Press MENU on your remote control.

6. Go to Setup and press OK.

7. Go to Expert Setup and press OK.

8. Select Ngrab Streaming Setup and press OK.

9. In the Srv IP field, enter the Ip address of the PC running Ngrab.

10. You then need to detect the MAC address. This can be done by pressing the blue button, or by moving the cursor to the “detect MAC address” field and pressing OK. The procedure takes few seconds. Make sure Ngrab is running on the PC, else it will not work.

11. Save the settings by pressing the Green Button, or by moving the cursor and pressing OK.

12. Now, both the DM and your PC are setup.
The final step is to set the timer on your web interface.

13. Therefore, type your DM IP address in your browser, then enter your username and password. Then click on Timers.

14. Then click on Add, select whether it is a One-Time Event or a Recurring Event.

15. Select Ngrab, select the bouquet, and the TV channel.

16. Click Add, and a window will pop up to confirm the successful creation of the event.

17. The DM will automatically switch to the chosen TV channel at the set time. The Ngrab icon will turn red when the recording starts. If you move your mouse cursor over the icon, the name of the event being recorded will be displayed.

Hope this helps



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i addition to what Ferret mentioned i adivced my program
Tunisia-sat Dreambox player and web streamer 6.0.0 beta
The program play dreambox channels on pc with simple interface and instant recording and timer function
In general by any method i advice pli-jade on dream for best results
worth to try it
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Thank you Ferret and mfaraj57 for such amazing information. I didn't know I can record stuff with my DM500S. In fact I was going to buy a DM600PVR for this simple reason but my budget was tight.


There is another way to buy a tv card with RCA input connections .Conact your receiver and has a much better picture than in the web interface!!!


Ive never been able to get web x tv to work. The Tunisia sat dreamplayer works very well. One thing i have noticed is I loose the sound every so oftern when streaming?


hi ferret
This guide is assuming that you have already setup a shared folder on your PC, and it is successfully mounted on your DM via Expert Settings\Communication Setup\Mounts
can you explain me how can i do this?

thank you


I just record without any expenses , Just log in the Boxe's Interface .. by accessing the Ip adress and the port number all this information will be available on Setup > Communication Setup .. then make sure ur on the same network PC & Dreambox

* Type in Adress the dreambox ip adress following colin symbol :))and the port number example (
* Automatically a window will appear that will ask Username + Password fill in if you know both and you will enter the box Enigma web interface
* Then Choose the channel you wanna view then there's a small
Word under the volume bar press the word vpid and the pc will ask you to download a streaming file importantly open the file with VLC right after .
*VLC has a record mode function press record and your programme will be streamed to view while recording ..
* Dont let anyone change the channel from the box remotely cause then the stream will be interrupted instantly