[Plugin] Log sky V13/14 EMM (problem-solving for E.g. Edision OS)


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What is installed? -It be dvbsnoop and gawk and installed the Emmlog plugin. Installation: - File on a USB flash drive download and install off in the receiver - the menu extensions - install from the USC-stick - receiver restart

Plugin set up:-call the extensions

-Serial ID of the remote control type--> 00123456 (8 numbers) continuously without spaces

-Log time in minutes type (E.g. 120) - save your entries with green - exit you can now leave the area

EMM-log start: - always on a Sky Channel switch now and not unschalten during the entire time of the log - call via the extensions - launch with blue the log with exit you can now leave the area

Where to land the EMM BB´s? The directory and log file is created when the first log home. The EMM are stored BB´s always there: /usr/keys/sky_unique_emm.log Note: the EMM BB´s in the file sky_unique_emm.log only indicates if the log time is expired, or the log has stopped using the plugin with yellow.

Tip: Who in the oscam.server his readers for the sky map label = sky provides, via the EMM-writing side of Oscam-WebIF BB´s the logged EMM BB´s simply write on the card. --> / emm.html? label = sky condition is still an entry in the oscam.conf under: [global] emmlogdir = / usr/keys /.

Declaration on the functioning of the plugin BB´s:
It is worked in two steps. First is logged in using a filter function via dvbsnoop. You can see these results but nowhere. Because the output of the dvbsnoop is only the pure EMM, we helped to something, by we create in the sky_unique_emm.log so, like the original * looks emm.log of the Oscam. This means that the entries only transferred the dvbsnoop in the log after the stop command with time stamp. 2016 / 04/27 17:43:33 00xxxxxx00000000 8270354100... 04 bp-emmlog thus can be written manually on the WebIF directly from the file. So that you can see the origin of EMM BB´s is instead blocked then bp-emmlog

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