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Git 89   06-01-2016
Back to normal screens

Git 88   01-01-2016
Happy New Year!

Git 87   29-12-2015
It is for me near impossible to add all enigma2 receivers on the market, just by the lack of time and missing the inside information about the receivers. 
Therefore I added the ability to maintain your own lookuptable.txt in /etc.
If you want to add a receiver which isn't supported by me, just copy the lookuptable.txt to /etc and edit this table with the right parameters.
The file lookuptable.txt in /etc is safe for updates so you can build your own list with supported receivers.
If you place the file lookuptable.txt in /etc this file will be the one that's used to create the back-up's.
If there is no file in /etc then the standard file supplied by the BackupSuite is used.
If you want a certain receiver to be supported just ask the image maker to add a lookuptable.txt in the folder /etc or ask for the parameters to be used.

Git 86   20-12-2015
Did some overdue maintenance on concerning the VU+ models

Git 85   13-12-2015
Added support for the VU+ Solo 4K. Beware: this is a very early test, the plugin still needs some tidying up.
Don't try to flash the made back-up of the Solo 4k with the built in OFGWRITE, it needs an update to be able to flash the Solo 4K
Reverted the truncating of the kernelpartition

Git 84   06-12-2015
Added seasons greetings

Git 83   30-11-2015
Added support for the Xsarius Fusion HD SE
Corrected the extra path for the Xsarius HD

Git 82   14-11-2015
Completed support for the Xsarius Fusion HD (at the moment still no confirmation if it functions), looking for some owners of a Fusion who would like to test it and report if all is functioning as it should.
Removed the support for unknown devices.

Git 81   10-11-2015
Added support for Xsarius Fusion HD (very experimental, use with care!)

Git 80   25-10-2015
Temporary measure: bail out if the receiver is a VU+ Solo 4K until more is known what the requirements are to make a working back-up
Lookuptable expanded with the entry Solo4K

Git 78 & 79
Git 78 has been canceled/reverted by Git 79

thanx @Pedro_Newbie