Arthur BKP_QBOXHd_STONE_1.0.12_V2_07-03-2011


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Latest ARTHUR Backup for Q-Box HD

Version of January 12 reproposed

Based on Release 1.0.12 for QBoxHD STONE.
Softcam Panel v.2.1.1
Radar 4:22
Radar Satsharing 4.22
Oscam 4736
Slot configured to Tivsat-Mediaset Premium (bass) skyfo93b (top)
Oscam.server pre-configured
Skyn Balckshadow2 LT6 --- full by Diamond
Picon full-osd lcd by Diamond (I added the picon for S ** Comedy and Passion)
Plugins installed:

Virtual zap (activated by pressing the button longer than 1 second exit)
Pauli Neutrino Keymap for QBoxHD by arthur
QBoxHD SecondInfobar v.2.8 b243 by Diamond
OscamInfo v.1.8 mod. by Diamond
Live football-v1-Tunisiasat_mod_by_Arthur, exclusive QBoxHD
Video Boot again .. by Arthur ...
Full Addons
New Spinner
The channel change takes place with the arrow keys in the above ---

When you start the backup you will find yourself having to configure the language and the satellite tuner, to avoid that a different provision of satellite and DTT tuner can create problems ....
WARNING! when you install the backup you have a little patience ... loading varies from 4 to 7 minutes
After you configure the tuner, download the settings and make the appropriate configurations



hallo Benkurd,habe eine riesen bitte.Habe,suche seit Monaten nach der 1.0.12 für die QBOXHD gesucht aber nicht gefunden!!!Jetzt wo ich die firmware fand,lässt sich nicht runterladen!!!Können sie mir die datei schicken,peer PN oder E-mail?Wäre Ihnen sehr dankbar!!!Meine E-mail:[email protected]