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Not sure if anyone has this issue but i always use Firefox with zero issues and recently YouTube began campaign to stop everyone watching videos
unless they either Subscribe for $12 per month for YouTube premium or disable ad blocker/s .
i tried using ad guard and Ublock origins and even other ad blockers also none of them stop this following message ....
Video player will be blocked after 3 videos – It appears that you are using an ad-blocker

after 3 videos you are banned from watching unless Subscribe for $12 per month for YouTube premium or disable your ad blocker/s .
Anyhow after quite a bit of reading the solution i found was not a basic fix but it worked just fine ,
Google search for Brave Browswer
and install then import your passwrds and bookmarks from Firefox and sign into your google account and verify with your mobile phone
then set google as your new tab homepage this youtube video explains all Set Google as homepage Brave Browser

i am liking Brave Broswer very much but takes a little work to set up but well worth it , since Youtube videos play without issues and no threats from YouTube regarding ad blockers .
can keep using Firefox too.... But... just for YouTube without pop ups and Threats every time u watch a video then Brave Browser is the perfect solution ,
no need to keep paying for some money driven ultra retarded dumb ass overpaid YouTube CEO to get even richer by Subscribing
$12 per month just not worth it , especially if you are paying for a VPN , or Real Debrid or Fitetv and various other things as we do ...YouTube should always be ad free and money Free they make enuff millions from google and other companies is now obvious YouTube are getting greedy and profit hungry which is idiotic and uncalled for IMHO
hopefully this might help just 1 member if so it was well worth making this post : ) (y)
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el samak

Or this for Android

Turkish YouTube Premium is very cheap too about 1 USD per month (but you need a turkish cc)


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NOW Brave Browser has been Stopped and Blocked Same as Firefox .
YouTube really are Auto Spamming Like Crazy now looking for Premium Subs the Greed and Lust for Cash has really gone to their heads ....€12 per month or €18 per month for a family Plan :eek:
Using a VPN does not really work either you still will get the ' Your Using Ad Blocker ' constant messages .
Chrome seems to work for now but it is likely gonna be hit with these Auto spam messages very soon too .

i would have thought someone around would be smart enuff to find some kinda fix for this nonsense but the more i read the only Fix anyone is suggesting is to use an ad blocker but i have tried and none will work or pass the YouTube ad-blocker detection .
the ironic thing is after 3 strikes its not even possible to watch a youtube video on howto get around this issue 🤬


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For the last month I been spending time here at SU. But I use to see my news via Youtube. SO I have not seen the problem as Ihave not gone to youtube.

But this is what I do for living.
I use a program called yt-dlp. With this program I download the videos to my PC. Then latter I watch then when I want. And becouse videos are in my PC I can rewatch without having to download again. Now it may see some what hard.

So what I did is that I made a Linux program. This program request what are the new videos available from my News sources. And I have it filter by name of video. Let say all videos that have Ukraine in its tittle. And vailable meaning in the last 3 days that I have not already downloaded. And the program slowly download them to my phone storage. Latter I can just view the news. Once I watch then I manually delete them if I do not want to watch them again.

Now before that I use to use a program called SMTube. This is like a browser that runs on python. So it fakes all what it has, in order for you to download any video.

I hope it helps. I need to go to bed. But latter I see if I can still watch youtube.