workaround: TF7710HDPVR AAF_E2_Summer_Image_tf7700_USBFULL -> USB Failure (fresh install)


Tried a fresh install of AAF_E2_Summer_Image_tf7700_USBFULL from 4 different USB sticks; all failing at the beginning with "USB Failure" (on a Dutch TF 7710 HD PVR)

However, "AAF MediaCenter Spring Edition Topfield FullUSB" or older installs without problems from the sames sticks the newest image fails on.

The problems seems to be triggered by an updated "uImage" file in the latest E2 summer Image pack.
Replacing this "uImage" file with one from an older distribution allows for installing the Summer image after all.
- just replace the uImage file and boot from stick -> WORKSFORME :)

Although it is working now, I would like to know the benefits of the newer uImage and the risk I am taking by using an older version..
- I am quite a noob in this area..

Thanks for the amazing work in any case!!