Where about you from in UK & what is your receiver


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I'm in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have an old Humax 5100ci, a Manhattan Starlight, a Dreambox 5620 and a Skystar 2 PCI card. I run an old generic 1 meter fixed with a titanium LNB, and a 1.2 Channel Master with a matched feedhorn on an Invacom LNB and a 12" actuator.

All the best



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Hi all i am from stoke on trent midlands in uk

i have a 1 meter dish technomate motor and technomate 3500 d+ pvr


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Hi all, 25 miles north from Aberdeen. Just fitted motorised 80cm Triax but found it a bit too small as it lose reception for Express AM22 when bad weather(few russian channels for my ukrainian wife). I use my old good Clarke Tech 1500+.


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Hi sat-users, I am in Newcastle, NE England. I have Topfield 5000PVR, DM600PVR, DM8000 & Sky+HD.
Dishes are 80cm Triax, 1m Lenson motorised dual LNB & Sky 60cm quad LNB.


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hi guys


I got a manhattan 3300 yes I know olddddd :D but it get more than my skybox
also a itgate tgm220 ( [email protected] ) but am looking for a sat tuner
and a openbox s9 ( looking at how to work it lol ):mecry:
oh and a sky+hd with skydish

so any help on the above would be helpfull :thum:



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Hi people,

I'm from Burnley and i got a 90cm fortec star dish, navigator motor and inverto black 1.2 LNB

Upstairs i have technomate 9100s then loopout downstairs to the new GGG HD box.

I have a spare technomate 1500+ CI, (i know very old box but amazing blind scan for a budget reciever)

the technomate 9100s has a diablo 2.2 cam in it and i have a T-Rex cam waiting should the diablo fail.


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I'm in South Wales

I have
1 x ET9000 HD the best yet
1 x DB800 HD
2 x DB 500
1 x DB 7000

And still learning


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Hello I am in south wales,

Use my old Sammy DSR 9500 for Freesat,have also got a Darkbox 9000

hd and also my new box is a Spiderbox 9000HD, have a 1.2 metre

motorised Triax dish with a 1.1 lnb....druid53:D
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Hi everybody...I'm from North London (Tottenham) and now live in Mexico (GMT-7). I use an Openbox S9, a DM500s, a 301-013 with cardslot interface board (Dishnetwork IRD), a 10ft KTI C-Band antenna and a 1.8m offset fiberglass for the KU band.(you can see it on google maps lol)

Nice to see TV is better these days in the UK, when I left there was just BBC1&2 and ITV....

Hasta Mañana.


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Hi There

Great forum

I live in the UK Manchester area

I have had

Dbox2 Nokia and Sagem (cable)
Replay Box PVR (cable)
DM600 PVR CABLE then swapped the tuner for sat

I currently have DM800s HD with Rev M tuner great box




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North East England

Vu Duo ( Beta tester and member of team ViX ) main board revision 1.3
Vu Uno ( Beta tester and member of team ViX ) early pre-release model
Vu Ultimo ( coming soon )
DM7020 ( had this for around 10 years and still works as well today as it did the day i bought it)
DM600 DVB-S tuner card installed
TM600 x2
multiple sky uk branded receivers.

Cards and Cam units

seca aston black ver 1.03 P/N 900836 x2
seca aston black ver 1.04 P/N 901274 x2
seca aston black ver 1.05 P/N 901274
seca aston black hardware revision 1.2 software ver 1.05 P/N 901274
seca ( mediaguard branded cam )
viaccess black rev 1 P/N 900167
viaccess red rev 1 v484 (software ver 1.0.484 / application ver 1.08.003 ) P/N 902513
irdeto 2 ( purple / white ) ( loader ver 3.1 / softcell ver 2.26D )
irdeto 1 freecam ( softcell ver 2.06 ) P/N 900440
Irdeto 1 freecam ( FreeCAM 2-019 ) P/N 900440
irdeto 2 freecam rev 1.1 ( software ver 01.06 ) P/N 901275
irdeto 2 ( consumer / purple ) (softcell 2.21A / application ver 1.11.003) hardware revision 1.1 P/N 904505
conax ( technicrypt - technisat cx ) software ver interface ver 0x40 P/N 0002/4536
cryptoworks ( phillips )
conax Telnor CAM-3.03
conax Telnor CAM-2.01
nagravision SCM v1.0
dragon module rev 2.06 with loader card P/N 8105/2003
dragon module rev 3.02 ( firecrypt ) = damaged body P/N 8105/2004/002
T-rex twin module ver 1.0 rev 4.1 ( firecrypt ) P/N 0170/2006446
T-rex super module rev 4.6 ( firecrypt ) P/N 0180/2006
diablo (1) light rev 2.2 upgraded to 2.3 via software patch
diablo 2 light rev 4.0 ( diablo 1 rev 2.3 light updated to diablo 2 light via software patch ) using CAS3 programer
icecrypt blue rev 2.01 / joker cam 1.18 KAMILZ P/N 1250/2002
icecrypt blue rev 2.01 P/N 1250/2002
zeta orange rev 2.01 P/N 1250/2002
matrix reloaded ( mr 1.082 ) HW 1.5 / loader 1.0
matrix revolutions ( mrv 2.24 ) HW 1.5 / loader 1.0
matrix reborn ( neo 4.11 ) HW 1.5 / loader 1.0
Magic module rev 1.04 P/N 8105/2002
Magic module rev 1.05 P/N 8106/2003
free-x tv rev 2.01 PRD-CAM0-0102 P/N 1250/2002 ( icecrypt black clone )
AXAS cam model 44Y2 ver 1.55-4 H/W 1.5 S/W Mrb 3.07 loader 1.0 F
AXAS cam II ( icecrypt black clone ) model 44Y2 ver 1.55-4


X2 pcb gold wafer with removable chips
x2 pcb gold wafer with fixed chips
x15 gold wafer cards sim card style
x3 titanium 1 cards os 1.03 / 1.06
x2 silver wafer cards
x1 red wafer card
1 knot card os 3.5
1 m2 card
x2 open funcard 4 AT90 YELLOW
x1 open platform funcard version unknown AT90
x2 open platform 4th generation funcard
x1 open platform 5th generation funcard
x1 wave card wave light funcard version unknown
prussian galaxy 5 / fun 7 ( can be used as dragon loader card )
prussian galazy 4 / fun 6 ?
prussian galaxy 3 / fun 5
x5 sky uk *** blue house cards =expired=
x1 sky uk *** white card =expired= still good for FTV coverage
x1 sky uk *** (pre sky digital ) card =expired=
x2 virgin media cable cards (UK) =expired=
x1 telewest broadband cable card (UK) =expired=
x1 MCT 24 zeta (irdeto) card =expired=
x1 dragon loader card original
x1 digital.alb card (conax) =expired=
x1 T-rex loader card original
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hi all in n/east uk got Db 500s but want a Db 800 hd se any ideas of a good safe website to buy from cheers :thum:


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I am from the North Midlands. I have a 1.2m dish with quattro LNB feeding a 12-way switch connected to no less than 10 receivers!


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Skybox F3
95cm Triax dish 0.1db LNB
satfinder and horizon meter's


Been fitting satellite for 18 yrs always used and swore by technomate but I have been converted praise the lord cheapest and best receiver ever why pay a fortune for a twin tuner or bigger channel memory you cant watch em all at the same time Skybox from now on just buy the F3 there all the same firmware ...
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firmware orton 403p

In this section lets post where you live in UK so we will know each other better. and why not lets say what equipment we got so we will know who to ask for help in our hobby......

hi there.i am from glasgow and i have orton hd403p.i am looking for firmware.please help me brother.thx