What is PMCTable?


The PMCTable(Row 1-140000 in the firmware) is used to set the PID for incoming ECM-Data(Entitlement Control Message) for the Provider Channel in order to Decrypt the Channel. A Service Channel might have more than one CA-ID(Viaccess, Irdeto…) with different Idents, so you may find more than one row for the same Channel.

In addition, ToH firmware adds specific rows on PMCTable for their own use.

It is not so simple as describe above; I will give an example to clear it more.

PMCTable row contains:
Ant ID: ID/Number of the Satellite position in your Channels List Settings.
Service ID: Identification of the Service (Giving by the Provider)
CA-ID: Identification of the Encryption system used by this Service
---0100 – Seca
---0500 – Viaccess
---06xx - Irdeto (xx Different Encryption Version of Irdeto)
---17xx – BetaCrypt (xx Different Encryption Version of Betacrypt)
---18xx - Nagra(xx Different Encryption Version of Nagra)
---0Dxx - Cryptoworks(xx same)
---0B00 – Conax
ECM: Identification of the Channel
Ext/ID: Provider Identification
To: Time Offset to correct time difference in channels.
---FFFD = -3.00
---FFFE = -2.00
---FFFF = -1.00
---0000 = 0:00
---0001 = +1.00
---0002 = +2.00
---0003 = +3.00
Audio/Video ID: Identify the Audio and/or Video ID.
---A+VPID: Check both Audio & Video
---VPID – Only Video
---APID – Only Audio
---OFF – No check
---No PCR – PCR PID disabled
Try: From where trying to decrypt the Channel.
---All – All below
---Emu – Emulation
---CRD – Card
---Net – Network

Example for Multivision 3

Thanks to paul_kh and CrazySat