WeTek Play 2 OS v1.2 released by OTA update


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We're proud to announce that we start seeding new WeTek OS v1.2 by OTA for WeTek Play 2

Enhance your experience and take advantage of new features, as well as the latest improvements and fixes to WeTek Play 2 OS.

New features:
Manual channel lock.
You can now lock channels by adding a PIN code security lock.
Automatic parental lock
Set age restriction parameters and automatically block content for a certain age threshold.
*this feature depends on the information provided by providers via EPG. We still recommend that you manually block any channels which contents you wish to fully restrict (e.g. adult content channels).
Unicable technology is now supported by WeTek Play 2.

Additionally WeTek Play 2 OS1.2 offers various improvements and bug fixes to already existing features.

WeTV Changelog:
Fixed issue when importing channel list
Fixed issue with out connector not correctly transmitting signal
Fixed logical error when configuring satellite via simple mode
Improved order navigation when configuring satellite via advanced mode
LNB power value corrected
Fixed specific issue that could result in ATSC to crashing
Fixed issue with ATSC audio and video
EPG reach expanded to 7 days
Fixed issue with USALS motor
Fixed issue with recording when accessing the configuration menu
Fixed issue when displaying channel number

Android Changelog:
General Update for Kodi
Update WeTek Media Player to 16.1-Jarvis-WeTekMediaPlayer-v5
General Update for GAPPS

To access the web interface of WeTek Play 2, open the browser on your computer/tablet/smartphone, and type the IP Address of the device and the 8080 port

For Example:

When doing update, we advise to disconnect the HDD's.

After installation of new software is done, we recommend you to reboot device.

THANKS MasterChief117