Welcome to Galaxy Innovations !


Galaxy Innovations SL is an innovative company dedicated to research, innovation, design and international distribution of equipment and components for digital television. The company was founded in response to the technological needs of our customers by providing timely and effective solutions with the best support and customer service, allowing the professional to gain a competitive service in the daily activity of your business. We believe that technology is a decisive factor in business success that we offer to our customers.

GI has a high quality brand and gives you the most complete range of products for new Digital TV. We are also supported by several major manufacturers of great importance in this sector which provides us with a complete catalogue of products.

In this catalogue we offer a wide variety of products for digital television, both terrestrial and satellite highly competitive to meet the demands of our customers and offer them advantageous features of the equipment and its unmatched prices. Apart from satellite dishes we offer a full range of digital receivers. Also the product range covers multiswitches, LNB and all kinds of accessories for installations.

We have the human and material resources to ensure customer satisfaction with the quality of our products. We therefore provide a complete customer service based team of management and marketing and sales professionals, telephone personnel for all types of technical and commercial information and post-sales service.

The support we offer to our clients, is one of our greatest strengths, which guarantee highly qualified staff, who know every detail of the design of our equipment and experienced in maintaining and repairing them constantly pursuing satisfaction of customers, offering a fast and efficient service.