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Super VIP
-> openspa-7.3.001-vusolose-20180917_usb

- New Core OE-Alliance 4.2, basado en OpenEmbedded: Roko de Diciembre de 2017. More important changes :

Libc6 2.2.5 -> 2.2.6
Openssh 7.4 -> 7.6
Busybox 1.24 -> 1.27
Samba 4.4.16 -> 4.6.7
Openssl 1.02k -> 1.0.2m
Nfs Util 1.28 -> 2.1.1
Dropbear 2016.74 -> 2017.75
Bitbake 1.33 -> 1.37
Gcc 6.3.0 Memleak fixe

- New skin LCD for VU+ Ultimo 4k. Thanks to elduque
- Added adam59 picon to Panel Extra.
- Added openSPA updates wizard to spaPANEL menu.
- Fix transparency issue in File Explorer.
- Add german translation of our plugins. Thanks to ardilla99
- New bootlogo y new OpenSPA logo design. Thanks to tsnm.
- Update HDMI CEC
- Fix MyTube issue with some videos

User : root
Pass : openspa


Super VIP
-> openspa-7.3.002-vusolose-20181015_usb


What is new

- New drivers Vuplus Uno4k, Uno4k se and Ultimo 4k
Support dual DVB-T2 tuner

- HDMI-CEC and Flashonline improvements.
- Increased number of tuners in Customize skin MetrixJR (now you can choose up to 20).
- Sthetic improvements in skin spa24HD, MetrixJRSD and MetrixJR.
- Fix picon downloads in Extra Panel.
- New displays available for download for displays of 800px (Ultimo 4k), 480px (Solo4k) and 400 (Uno 4k SE, GB Quad 4k)
- Fix duration on the infobar screen.
- Improvements in Spanish and Catalan translations.


Super VIP

What is new

- Fix led control and display control
- Fix hdr/hlg mode
- Fixed issue with some videos in Youtube.
- Kodi : added Enigma2Player (new skin for video player, fixed video resume from last position).
- Added screen HistoryZapSelector to our skins
- Fixed pcsc-lite start script.

User : root
Pass : openspa



Super VIP
OPENSPA 7.3.004

What is new

- Improve e2 player skin on Kodi.

- Improve skin spa24HD.
- Add new screen for Recording section.
Improve graphic appearance, like kodi style
Improve info of movies management based on the type of selected list.
Possibility of showing progress bar below the movie, if we choose to show the progress bar on the left.
Link, when pressing menu, with the IMDB plugin
Once we go to the imdb, if the movie is found the first time the title and rating is saved temporarily in /tmp/ and it will be shown when moving to that movie (will be deleted when restarting box).
Possibility of saving the cover and rating to hdd
Possibility to remove the cover, from hdd/tmp if it is not correct
When you erase the movie, the cover and infos are also removed.
- Add Pure M+ picons by tsnm at Extra Panel.

User : root
Pass : openspa

-> openspa-7.3.004-vusolose-20181215_usb


OpenSPA 7.3.006

What is new

- New drivers Mut@nt HD60

add usb-dvb vtuner support
fastboot: add 7segment display support
7segment display add a~z (not all symbols can been project good on the display, just use it for some basic info like strt or rec)
optimize audio video mediaplayer
powerled on/off (/proc/stb/power/powerled)
hisilicon does not support rc4/5 remote which causes to crash driver: echo 4 > /proc/stb/ir/rc/type
fix driver crash when activate second transcoding.
- New drivers Edision OS Nino pro

optimise snr
- New drivers Edision OS Mio 4k

Improved smartcard reader stability
Removed fan proc
Improve the stability of blindscan under 1M
- New drivers Zgemma H9

fix hbbtv and stalker
- New drivers Zgemma i55+

fix hbbtv
fix stalker
fix teletext
- New drivers Octagon SF8008

add hdr event
fix letterbox for hd video
- Fix transparency issue in some skins.

- Fix VFD displays to show date and time in standby.

- Possibility to create M+ automatic bouquet lists (one with SD channels and other replacing SD channels by his respective HD channels if exist)

- Add news notifications in Extra Panel

- In channels list, now is possible to indicate what icons you want to show depending on service quality (SD, HD, 4K, 3D or IPTV)

- Fix bug in spzremotechannels with marker services in epg download

- Fixed filters in PluginBrowser.

User : root

Pass : openspa



Lista de cambios (changelog) openSPA
Ultima actualización: Viernes, 22 de Febrero de 2019
Ultima versión publicada: 7.3.006

- Nuevos drivers Qviart.

Arreglado problema con el reloj en modelos con VFD (300mm)

- Nuevos drivers Mut@nt HD60

Añadido soporte vtuner usb-dvb
fastboot: añadido soporte display de 7 segmentos
Añadidos símbolos a~z en display 7 segmentos (no todos los símbolos pueden ser proyectados correctamente en el display, solo úsalos para informaciones básicas como strt o rec)
Optimización audio video mediaplayer
Led power on/off (/proc/stb/power/powerled)
hisilicon no soporta mando a distancia rc4/5 que causa fallo del driver: echo 4 > /proc/stb/ir/rc/type
Arreglado fallo del driver cuando se activa el segundo transcoding.

- Nuevos drivers Edision OS Nino pro

SNR optimizado

- Nuevos drivers Edision OS Mio 4k

Mejorada estabilidad lector smartcad
Eliminado proceso ventilador
Mejora estabilidad de la búsqueda ciega bajo symbol rates de 1M

- Nuevos drivers Zgemma H9

Arreglado hbbtv y stalker

- Nuevos drivers Zgemma i55+

Arreglado hbbtv
Arreglado stalker
Arreglado teletexto

- Nuevos drivers Octagon SF8008

Añadido evento hdr
Arreglado letterbox para video hd

- Arreglado problema con transparencias en algunos skins.
- Arreglados displays VFD para mostrar fecha y hora en standby.
- Posibilidad de crear listas de favoritos automaticas de M+ (una con canales SD y otra sustituyendo los canales SD por sus respectivos canales HD si existen).
- Añadidas notificaciones de novedades en Panel Extra.
- En la lista de canales, ahora es posible indicar que iconos de calidad de servicio quieres mostrar (SD, HD, 4K, 3D e IPTV).
- Arreglado error de descarga de epg con canales tipo marca en el spzremotechannels.
- Arreglado filtros en PluginBrowser.
- Nuevo Bootlogo, gracias elduque.

Usuario : root
Contraseña : openspa



Super VIP
OpenSPA 7.3.008
Thread open only for opinions and thanks. Any message about technical questions, image bugs or questions about how the firm works will be automatically deleted without any explanation.
What is new
- New drivers Edision OS Mio 4k
Fixed the pop noise when changing channels
- New drivers Dinobot 4k
fix bitrate viewer
fix jump keys playback radis ts files
- New drivers Dinobot 4k+

add PIP
fix aspect
- New drivers Dinobot U5 mini

add PIP
fix aspect
fix Bitrate viewer* fix jump keys playback radios ts files
fix hdr/hlg mode
add support red power led control
add control display on/off for standby
add hdmi-cec
add blindscan support
optimizie zapping speed
disable smooth play after zapping live channels
- New drivers Octagon SF8008

try hdr fix (pls test)
Add more character for frontpanel led.
fixed crash when handle some pes packet.
removeCEC 0 NOT VALID! message on hdmi cec driver.
fixed the screen blank for skip media when refresh rate set to "auto" mode.
Add transcoding.
fixed audio issue with last update
Sound problem from Stand-by fixed.
Standby looses audio fixed.
Media Playback Jump Button issue fixed.
TimeShift improved
PowerLED Control Update:
echo "on" > /proc/stb/fp/standbyled
echo "off" > /proc/stb/fp/standbyled
/proc/stb/fp/standbyled for RED
/proc/stb/fp/poweronled for BLUE
/proc/stb/fp/mixerled for PURPLE
fix crash in proc_vmpeg_0_dst_apply_write
- New drivers Zgemma H9 e i55plus

fix deepsleep wake-up with boxes that use multi-remotes
fix cse des (pvu)
- New drivers Zgemma H7

add blindscan
- New drivers Mutant HD60

add new partition layout for coming multiboot
- New drivers Qviart Lunix, Lunix 4k and Lunix3 4k

Fix HDR issue (need test)
Improve Lunix 4k kodi.
Fix crashlog when execute timesleep from menu
Improve OnlineTV module, now with preview PIG
Fixed no extra info from information screen
Fix error changing password, multilanguage support
Fix weather info disappearance after a few hours on LCD displays.
Añadida info Wicardd en infobar (if it's enabled)
New Bootlogo, thanks to darkness.

User : root
Pass : openspa

:->: openspa-7.3.008-vusolose-20190419_usb


Super VIP
:->: openspa-7.3.010-vusolose-20190706_usb

OpenSPA 7.3.010

What is new

- New drivers Qviart

fixed some smart card issues for all models
- New drivers Octagon SF8008
add new frontpanel controls
fix timeshift skip
- New drivers Hitube 4K and Izibox One 4K
optimise a/v sync
- New drivers Gigablue Trio 4K
optimise Timeshift and PVR
- New support to Zgemma H9Twin e Izibox One 4K.
- [Octagon SF8008 & Gigablue Trio 4k] Fixed subtitle issues and added support passthrough for AC3/DTS/TRUEHD in Kodi
- Updated wifi in all HiSilicon models.
- Enabled modem 3G/4G support in all HiSilicon models.
- Added ncaminfo (not needed to use any external plugin)
- Added skin support in 7 segments displays (basically to show time or channel number as required)
- Fixed transcoding.
- Fixed Full Backup.
- Fixed screen Full Backup and added changelog in Flashonline screen for all OpenSPA skins.
- Fixed YouTube and Mytube
- New Bootlogo, thanks to EL_LARA.
To report bugs : http://openspa.info/forums/reportes-...n-openspa.265/

User : root
Pass : openspa


Super VIP

:->: openspa-7.4.001-vusolose-20190928_usb







Usuario : root
Contraseña : openspa


Super VIP




- Nuevos drivers :

Edision OS Mio 4k, OS Mio 4k+ yOS Mini 4k :
Mejora driver frontend AVL para algunos transpondedores MIS+PLS de 5W (Nota: la búsqueda ciega aun tiene problemas con estos tp’s)
Cambio a linux 5.5
Izibox Eco HD : Arreglada actualización usb (otra vez)
Octagon SF8008 :
Posible mejora de la sensibilidad de recepción del sensor de infrarrojos IR.
Arreglado fallo en lector de tarjetas al cerrar el /dev/sci0.
Mejora del envío de diseqc al dar corriente al lnb.
Gigablue Trio 4k :
Posible mejora de la sensibilidad de recepción del sensor de infrarrojos IR.
Arreglado fallo en lector de tarjetas al cerrar el /dev/sci0.
Mejora del envío diseqc al dar corriente al lnb.

-Búsquedas programadas :

Permitir configurar el tiempo de visualización de la pantalla al iniciar.
Mostrar búsquedas también cuando se arranque de reposo profundo con el botón de encendido.
Mostrar Búsqueda programada solo cuando se encienda con el botón encendido.

- Arreglada malformación del archivo xml descargado en spzRemoteChannels.
- Detectada hora del despertat en la descarga del EPG.
- Arreglado crash en menú Sintonización.
- Gigablue Quad Plus, arreglado crash al arrancar receptor.
- Wetek Play : añadido Kodi 18.5 (será la última versión OpenSPA para este receptor)
- Nuevo Bootlogo, gracias a elduque.

Usuario : root
Contraseña : openspa



Super VIP
OpenSPA 7.4.007

- Add new provider Aemet for spzWeather (only Spain)
- New recovery and advanced multiboot for Octagon SF8008 and Gigablue Trio 4k
- Add kodi 18 subtitles for HiSilicon boxes
- Improve SNR values for Gigablue.
- Improve fullbackup for Edision OS Mio 4k.
- Add bulgarian translations.
- Fixed autolanguage issue.
- Add settings enigmalight in spanewfirm.
- Add rclone to direct download from receiver and add setting files and scripts in spanewfirm backup.
- Allow recordings in serie name folder.
- Kodiext (E2Player) - Saved and next restore of volume, audio options and resolution when exit from kodi.
- HDMI-CEC - Prevent power on TV if wakeup box from deep standby with a timer.
- Kodi - Update to version 18.7
- Kodi - Improve GstPlayer
- Add BlackSPA panel to skin customization and configuration. Add new infobar.
- Improve bitrate system.
- Add options to put poster, banner or backdrops in BlackSPA skin. Thanks to digiteng for share.
- Add hiplayer support h9, h9combo, hd60, i55plus and multibox.
- Fix geolocalization issue for time zone.
- Add Full Feature NTFS driver
- Kernel updates to add new drivers for dvb devices.
- New Bootlogo, thanks EL_LARA

User : root
Pass : openspa



Staff member
OpenSPA 7.4.008

- New plugin OpTelebot, ******** information and notifications, thanks to villak.
- Fix InfoMeteo (spzWeather), both aemet and foreca.
- Fix rclone for mipselboxes and update to release 1.52
- Fix picon section for extra panel.
- Fix issue with tuners in BlackSPA skin.
- Added option in BlackSPA panel to update skin online.
- Update Netflix plugin for Octagon SF8008.
- New Bootlogo, thanks pepeman.

User : root
Pass : openspa



Super VIP
What is new

- New drivers :
Gigablue UHD UE 4K, UHD Quad 4K and UHD X3 4K :
add force lnb_on
update v3ddrivers
Qviart Lunix 4K :
add blindscan
improved driver for blind scan. It fixed the issue that it doesn't scan well after factory reset
Zgemma H9, H9combo and I55+ :
improve driver update (hiplay).
transcoding add 1080p30
transcoding improve customize resolutions
Dinobot 4K+ and Dinobot U5 mini :
Fix some channel crashes.
Fix program resolution display error.
Edision OS Mio 4k, OS Mio 4k+ and OS Mini 4k :
Fixed video grab interface to apply crop parameters
Minor bug fixes and improvements
Izibox eco twin HD :
grab fix sum
Increase CEC function.
add cpu-scaling helper boost cpu speed from 400mhz to 1 ghz
- Update kodi to 18.8
- Qviart Lunix 4K and Lunix3 4K : now official factory drivers are used. This implies that Movistar+ native EPG won't work and you should use plugins such as EPGImport.
- New plugin OpenSPAnetTest, to do speed tests with selection of server. Thanks to villak.
- Add screens of vertical menu for BlackSPA.
- Changed BlackSPA Panel to Customize skin from Customize menu.
- Add online update for BlackSPA skin_template.
- Add BlackModern infobar in Customize panel for BlackSPA skin.
- Update rclone to versión 1.52.2
- New Bootlogo, thanks to elduque.

User : root
Pass : openspa