Vu+ OK with powervu?


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I just gave you the main part of a script - if you write a complete script. it could automatically find all the channels (line I gave) and parse the info to create a userbouquet with the other necessary info.

Yes, of course that is easier, just more expensive option. :)

No, OSEmu/oscam-emu does not try every key on the file, only matching sid. Although, if you have multiple keys with the same sid, it will try each of them.


SO what you are saying is that I could scan all channels on a particular sat and then run a script to pull all the PIDs and eventually also create a line by line stream header? so that the entire process is automated?

I have never done scripts before ... is there a section in the forum that looks after this?

vladan !!

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vu + recivers with openpli images need to fix samething to whotch powervu with stream relay , i dont know why no one did not find why on OPENPLI VU+ dont work stream relay , it was take 20 days to find it .
sow here it is :
when you have fix the oscam + softcam and stream relay and iptv bouquet with dreambox edit you need
just to install the plugin pau, via
menu->plugins->green button/download->extensions-pau
restart and you're ready .
thanks tou GEORGEFLU he find it !!

can you make the last oscam on ipk to install it manual ?
or last oscam with usr/bin (chmod755) and etc/tuxbox/config/oscam all what it need there ?
thanks !!