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OpenSpa 7.4.012

OpenSPA 7.4.012

What is new

- New drivers :

Gigablue :
enable USB-DVD drives
Edision OS Nino, OS Nino pro y OS Nino plus :
No info
Edision OS Mio 4k, OS Mio+ 4k y OS Mini 4k :
Fixed v4l2 mem2mem driver loading failure
Minor bug fixes and improvement
Gigablue Trio 4k, Octagon SF8008, Octagon SF8008m y uClan Ustym 4k PRO:
add mouse support for new chrome
update video playback for new chrome
add new wifi for new Hardware rev enigma2-plugin-drivers-network-usb-rtl8822cu
Maxytec Multibox 4k:
fix dvb-t 5V
Izibox Eco Twin HD:
add dinobot player
Fix some IPTV playback synchronization problems

- Add e2player and gstplayer support for kodi at HiSilicon boxes.
- Improvements for BlackSPA secondinfobar.
- Improve spzWeather.
- Unify customization MetrixJR, OpenStarHD and BlackSPA skin panels in Customize menu.
- Update plugin XtraEvent.
- New Bootlogo, thanks to elduque.
- WetekPlay users have a Christmas gift, to enjoy that this is the last one, with the change to OE-A 4.4 it will no longer be possible to compile it.

To report bugs:

User : root
Pass : openspa
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OpenSPA 7.4.014

What is new

- New drivers :
Edision OS Mio 4k, OS Mio+ 4k and OS Mini 4k :
Fixed frontend driver bug that possibly reports wrong t2mi info
AVL frontend driver loads external firmware if exists
minor bug fixes and improvements
Edision OS Nino :
add rt8723ds support
Octagon SF8008 and SF8008m :
add support new rcu F3 and F4 key.
update key magic send now F10
Gigablue Quad 4K, UE 4K and X3 4K :
add missing config file, need for hbbtv osd transparency

- Added Wireguard support for more receivers.
- Bug fixes and improvements for wireguard.
- Bug fixes and improvements for Pluto TV.
- Updated OpenSPA graphic EPG to customize screen.
- Improved skin OpenStar (new graphic EPG screen, new homemenu widgets, add option to remove channel name in MiniTV (channels list), channels list 100% integrated (option 14,15,16 lines, or doble line by channel) and add option show graphic EPG YES/NO)
- Fix VirtualKeyboard screen for BlackSPA skin.
- Fix bug for spzWeather to prevent crashlog when you enter cities with spaces in name.
- New support for USB XBOX One Digital TV Tuner, in all receivers with Media-build support (Automatic Drivers in Openspa).
- Updated rclone to versión 1.55.0
- Updated ZeroTier to versión 1.6.4
- New Bootlogo, thanks to Pepeman.

User : root
Pass : openspa

OpenSPA 7.4.014 for VU+