Verimatrix and Android Tv Info


Content security specialist Verimatrix has teamed up with Broadcom to streamline Android TV set-top box deployments.

By pre-integrating components of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System with Broadcom’s Android TV Platform, the pair claim to offer a fast time-to-market for video service providers looking to launch Android TV streaming, including 4K/UHD services.

Designed to meet conditional access requirements set forth by Google, the pre-integrated solution uses the standard Android TV MediaCas framework API to secure Android TV platforms with the aim of reducing integration complexity for box manufacturers.

Verimatrix says that its customers’ existing security client is compatible with Broadcom’s Android TV SDK via MediaCas plugin.

For several years, Verimatrix and Broadcom have worked together to deliver systems that meet 4K/UHD security requirements. Because the pre-integrated Verimatrix client has previously received Ultra Security certification, customer are compliant with the 4K/UHD content guidelines set by Movielabs.

“What is unique about our collaboration is that it enables both a rapid and secure deployment of premium video services via Android TV – we are proud to be the first security vendor to enable Broadcom to offer this for 4K/UHD content,” said Verimatrix COO Asaf Ashkenazi.

“Any STB vendor or video service provider that selects our pre-integrated solution can rest assured that the process of deploying Android TV, as well as managing future upgrades, will be as hassle-free as possible with minimal time and effort required.”
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