Unreliable HD after settings update


Dear folks,

I am using AAF Summer Image 2011 on my Topfield TF7710HDPVR receiver. It all has been working fine over the last year or so, I somehow knew that not all HD stations could be received but the ones that mattered for me did so i didn't pay too much attention.

Recently I used a brandnew settings made by the same person of which I used settings before, and paying some closer attention I realized that there was a strange and unexplicable assortment of stations that did show in HD (for instance ITV and Channel 4 on 28,2 E and WDR and Eins Festival on 19.2 E) and others chyannels that remained black (like the BBC channels on 28,2 E and ARD, ZDF, Arte and ORF on 19,2 E).

I know that certain channels, especially the German and Austrian ones could be seen on the Topfield so I assumed that the settings weren't any good. Using Dreamset 2.38 (x64 version) I then returned the older settings to the receiver but that didn't bring all HD channels back.

I tried a few more settings and then found out that after sending one small one that only covered 19 and 23 east to the receiver I did all of a sudden get the HD channels I wanted.

I was quite happy and decided to simply add channels using blindscan for other desirec sat positions. For 28.2 it worked, I got the BBC HD channels without any problems. But then, a bit later, after having turned the receiver off and later back on again the HD channels again were lost.

I tried all I could including using the aforementioned settings experimentally over and over again, but short of a few lucky flews most unencrypted HD stations didn't show again when I tuned into them.

I have no idea where to seek the solution to this problem. It all seems rather random and even if some settings would have been faulty they should have been corrected and overwritten by the various blindscans I carried out.

I don't really know what to do next. I like the receiver and I would hate to have to stop using it just because it gives so many problems showing HD channels. For your information here some more info on the software used:

Enigma: 2011-07-06-experimental
Image: Experimental 2011-08-28
Frontprocessor version: 0

Irrelevant to this problem but perhaps to be complete I should mention that I can only use TunerB. TunerA didn't ever work when I purchased the receiver second-hand. In the power section recently all faulty elco's were replaced but I don't think that this has anything to do with the present HD problem.

I'd be most happy if anyone could help me with this anormality. Is there a newer software or should I reinstall something? I'm not a technical wizard so please be detailed if you can give me some advice as to how to resolve this problem, please?