TV L!cence


Hello, could you explain me please, if i have a smartphone / laptop and watch only Y0uTu6e or Ne7FIiX , do i must have a I!cence ?
- I have not broadband internet (only 4G)
- I have a TV and use android player only for you tu6e / netFIix

Thx for reply and advice, I've just moving in apartment )


In that situation you should be fine - it's if you watch any channel live via TV aerial, satellite or app such as ITVX / BBC or YouTube etc.

They say legally it's not just BBC now either and you should pay to even watch live non UK content. It seems bizarre that only the BBC are funded with the latest rules

They do seem to be widening the rules constantly lately but hopefully it will be gone soon.

Saying that they say a small portion of the license doesn't go to BBC and funds Freesat and UK broadband rollout etc:

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Thx for reply and advice, I've just moving in apartment )

From my point of view, there is a big risk that you will have to pay a fine of £1000 if they come to check your apartment and see that you have a TV set with a tuner.

To avoid paying a fine, it is best to declare that you do not need a license if the TV set is no longer in your apartment.

It's not worth trying to cheat them.
How could you prove that you never watch any foreign TV channel live on line?
They have social engineering methods to catch you.