Top 10 April Fools Day 2011 Stories


1. Asylum - Aol are reporting that Nick Clegg has put himself forward to compete as part of Britain's archery squad in the London 2012 Olympics. "The Deputy Prime minister has long been a fan of archery, practicing regularly at home in Sheffield," said Clegg's Press Secretary

2. Guardian - As Britain goes royal wedding crazy, the Guardian got in there early by launching their live blog 29 days before the big event. Impressively they kept up the live-blogging until 11.38am when they announced they were being forced to stop after communication from Buckingham Palace.

3. The Local - While we are still mourning the loss of Berlin's beloved polar bear Knut, The Local used his untimely demise as part of their April Fools by announcing that his skinless body will be plasticized and put on display by the notorious German anatomist Gunther von Hagens.

4. Radio 2 - Many listeners to the Ken Bruce Radio 2 show didn't notice anything strange, a few noticed his slightly erratic behaviour, none would have guessed it was actually being hosted by comedian Rob Brydon doing a Ken Bruce impression.

5. Think Geek - Because many young children are playing with iPhones and iPads, Think Geek said they were going to start selling a Playmobil toy Apple Store complete with a little Genius Bar and Keynote theatre. One more thing… it's not really on sale.

6. Metro - They say the internet is taking a bite out of newspapers. Now readers can do the same, the Metro announced that it would soon be printing the paper on a sweet-tasting paper. They get bonus points for the headline "Have we got chews for you."

7. Virgin - Richard Branson has bought Pluto and intends to have it reinstated as a planet, said Virgin in a news release. they went on to add that "In a universal first Sir Richard has revealed that he has bought the former planet of Pluto for an undisclosed sum."

8. Ikea - Anyone who has ever staggered around an Ikea store of a Saturday afternoon will know they seem to have products aiming to solve problems no-one ever know existed. Which is why these high-chairs for dogs were almost believable. Almost.

9. Independent - In a bid to solve their national debt problems, Portugal football star Ronaldo has apparently been sold to Spain for a whopping €160m, claimed the Independent this morning, adding that Ronaldo has agreed to "act like a patriot".

10. Google - Taking their inspiration from the Microsoft Xbox Kinect, Google this morning revealed Gmail Motion, a system which would apparently use your webcam to detect gestures and write your emails.