TM5302HD Ch list with xtra tv by William-1 Nov 15th 2013


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TM5302HD Ch List for Nov 15th 2013 with Xtra TV over 8400 x TV 53 east to 45 west all Transponders & satellites up to date.

Use latest patch issued 7th November 2013

Save your channel list to a USB stick then make a note of your latitude & longitude on a piece of paper for future reference,

Updated as below
1- Sat Finder Functionality is completed.Menu/select satellite in satellite setup/in motorise usals /longitude only/satellite finder
2- New TP update list of all satellite.(Please make new channel list using an attached software for upload ftp server)
3- Free CAS Sorting by Soft cam any channel open by soft cam key will display green }press ok/blue button/free cas see green symbols .
4- Lip Sync Issue play back recording fixed.
5- AC3 Audio
6- 5-West ATLANTIC Bird 3_10972_V_29500.trp : This TP have AC3 flag but no AC3 Stream. Fixed.
7- Installation Part Control by front key
8- Old patch use a key data in patch code and changed key is not adjust to descramble
This software is modified to use softcamall.key data for TNT Sat France.
There has been lots of fundamental changes in this patch.
After downloading this patch you have to factory reset and scan new channel list.

(I also turned off the mains power for 40 sec each reset then loading my channel list)
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TM5302HD Ch List by William-1 16th Nov 2013 updated using a 100cm dish 48 east to 47 west

Use the latest patch for best results issued 7th Nov 2013 over 8500 tv channels + all of today's live feeds.