The new decoder is out!


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The new decoder that wetek was working is out for testing!

MasterChief117 said:
At WeTek, we're always working to improve.
We hear our community feedback, and we take it very seriously!

So, with this in mind, our developers started to make a new decoder for OpenELEC.

This way, our zapping speed on OpenELEC is MUCH MORE IMPROVED!

I'm having a 1 second channel swicth on SD Channels and 2 second switch on HD channels

Please don't forget this is WORK in PROGRESS!

For now, the known issues are :
No audio passthrough, AAC decoding doesn't work

I advise everyone who wants to test this new decoder, to make a backup of their OpenELEC settings!

This is the link to download the latest development build by our developers!


There is a new option on
 Settings->Video->Acceleration->Enable experimental decoder

It is enabled by default and forces Kodi to use new decoder. At any time you can deselect the option and Kodi will use old decoder

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