TdeXtreme.8mb v3.2

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TdeXtreme.8mb v3.2
Turkey Image

Here is the latest version 3.2 of TdeXtreme.
Sorry about the tone which may sound sentimental.
The eXtreme images were mostly used by Turkish users till now.
Welcome to all new users.
This image will be loaded with the usual tools like TDTool1.02a or TDCC for windows users.
Those who use a hdd, to avoid any conflicts with the residual plugings, please reformat the system partition number 1, after flashing this new image.
The red button is attributed to some functions like.. red+0 will update your keys(satan's keys..we also want those keys from SIN, also big credit goes to linux_skymemo who updated the keys since several months), red+eject will install the ipk that you sent by ftp and chmoded to 755 ...,red+stop will reboot your box, red button pushed once will give you the TDTurkey toys..and the attributes to these specific toys have different colors....,i.e: red+ blue will start your evo... with newcs.
We may come up later with some different attributes to the yellow button in the very near future.
The Blue button pushed twice keeps the same old but very usefull functions about the channel information.
We advise you to attribute the green button to the -TDMore menu that you will use a lot...(you are highly invited to take the tour inside). With this .xmlwe arranged your special needs to be done with the remote.
Here, we shall all thank to Micha for all the time and the energy he spent for our box, and to Lucian for his great work. When to .xml menu credits go to Magumagu.
Btw, as the off forum is closed, i cant remember all the names, tube, wrainer-k, doc, charlie etc..thanks to all. Sorry for those whom i forget the name or misspelled the name.
Also thanks to Caveat for the new Dragon Controller.
If I may miss some other stuff, sorry for those that i dont remember the name.
BTW, there are some more functions in the Turkish xml menu- A TD user, levent67, converts the divx Turkish subtitles to the Drtic format and his work is accessible to all other users who want to watch a movie with Turkish subtitles. I believe that it is time to be united and organised. French users can build their own French subtitle database etc...
-Settings(thanks to SATLOOK), a small tip, pls download the settings once you finish configuring your sats. After the downloaded settings, pls do scan a sat
(the most quickest scanable one) and reboot. You will have a lighter var, or more space on the var partition.
We must not forget our dear friend organik81 with his great and benevole help for web working, and big thanks to his great eXtreme logo.
Without all these elements life is less tasty
Big Thanks to serk@n for his underground work and support.
Millions of thanks to FeLLo, the most coupable of all
Happy new year..



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