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TeamNitro skin is provide Skin DesertFHD BY New design, touches ☆ 2023 ☆ from the designer Ahmed Al-Iraqi and the scripts of the developer @kimo1987

Thanks to our distinguished developers for the continuous and continuous support of the Nitro Team so that the works come out with the lowest errors and the greatest compatibility as we wish full combatable with all open source images

@ fairbird for developing, compatible and upgrading the components to work properly on the latest versions of the image python and is credited with making the weather work through the first version of nitro plugins.
@Linuxcode My brother Bahaa for the continued development, promotion and updates of the two plugins
@RedouaneTM My brother, Radwan, on the compatibility of components to work on different images, and he intends to show the update for versions in the two plugins
And of course, basically developer @ digiteng who provide us the xtraEvent and developed posterX component so that we can enjoy the aesthetics of skins
And I hope that we do not forget all the credit from all the developers, and they are many in developing the components of the skins in the first place ....
As they are open source components, they have been added and modified by the team to meet the requirements of the designs service on the team’s skins.


The skin contains gradual additions and changes to the colors
The default skin is (Desert FHD) inspired by the golden color of the desert sands -- the rest of the skins can be accessed through TeamNitro plugin

ღ (Blue Navy)ღ Inspired by the colors of the navy uniform, with a gradient and a mixture of blue
ღ (Dream Night)ღ Gradient combination of brown with black
ღ(Moon Surface)ღ Inspired by the surface of the moon
ღ(Forest Night)ღ Inspired by the night of the forest with a mixture of pink and black colors

◈ Each skin has a different fingerprint with its design, colors, location of the coding data and channel data
◈ The weather has been added to the info bar as a standalone .... It does not require installing the two weather plugins and only needs to make the settings by choosing your city through the two plugins

By following the steps:

☞ Login to the TeamNitro plugin, then go to the MSNweather weather feature
☞ Menu button - blue
☞ Find your city location at the bottom
☞ Select Yes to send the converter to its path
☞ Press the green button to save
After restarting, you will find the weather showing correctly on the info bar


☆ ☆ Desert FHD ▶▷▶▷▶▷▶▷ Blue Navy ▶▷▶▷▶▷▶▷ Dream Night ▶▷▶▷▶▷▶▷ Moon Surface ▶▷▶▷▶▷▶▷ Forest Night ☆ ☆



The second infobar


Channel selection list
channel selection.png

Main menu

Vertical EPG

Quick EPG


Telnet link for download
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/biko-73/TeamNitro/main/script/installerDs.sh -O - | /bin/sh


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☆☆ DesertFHD V2.0 (06-03-2023) ☆☆

- Fix some missing screens

- Fix missing CAM icons

- Fix missing weather icons

- Fix some Renders and Converters

- Fix slow menu issue for some device

- Fix auto Update feature in Plugin (popup massage notification in future will display after this update)

- add change log in plugin

for new update

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/biko-73/TeamNitro/main/script/installerDs.sh -O - | /bin/sh