Setenv with putty then installing e2 on USB


I´m trying to install enigma2 on USB and have setup the USB without any problems.
My problems is to start up the cuberevo in console-mode.
I have tried a hundred times and all that happens is that it keeps booting as usual.

My question is: Do I have to make the setenv-commands with putty in console mode?
Why can´t I do it with telnet and just restart the box with the new environments?


See guide:

Step #C
C) Ensure that IP Box is switched off & the E2 image installed on USB single EXT2 partition (I used 2Gb stick) – leave USB stick connected (no need to remove USB after UMOUNT command).
Connect serial cable between Laptop / PC and SET TOP box and run PUTTY as specified above.
Blank Black screen will open with one green cursor blinking.

Hold down CTRL + Z on your keyboard with one hand while you switch on the IPBox with the other hand.
Wait until you see that CONSOLE appears on LCD display of Ipbox.

The Putty screen will change to “Cuberevo>” or “cuberevo-mini>” prompt very quickly.