Secure anonymous surfing


There are two tweaks you can use to secure your browsing the internet. The first tweak is a free service by Open DNS. Using their DNS service will route your DNS requests through OpenDNS's IP's thus bypassing your ISP's DNS. Full instructions are at the link above on how to use their service. Remember that using it in your router will work for everything pluged into your network. I do not recomend anyone outside of the US to use it, but you can always try.

The second is my favorite made from Opera - OperaTor. Its not the fastest because it uses its own proxies but is anonymous surfing. Fully skinable, can save favorites and passwords, can turn on and off java - plug-ins - java script and cookies. Just download and save to a thumb drive and run the OperaTor.exe. No installing needed! Best of all you can download right to your thumb drive bypassing windows and when your done take the thumb drive with you and browse from another computer elsewere.


there is some controversy when it comes to open dns and how they use their data.

also when using tor, use privoxy as well, otherwise your dns requests will not use tor in most configurations.