SD2900 USB1 freezing during setup



I hope someone can help. My step father has a Challenger SD2900 USB1 stb setup on Hotbird for the Italian channels using a Tivusat card. Recently a few of the channels have gone disappeared and replaced with information on retuning the channels. My step father done a factory reset and then went into the Settings and ran the Antenna Setup hoping this would fix the problem. We now have another problem were the stb scans for all the channels but freezes at 90% and is unable to complete the scan. Also resetting the box doesn't save the channels that were scanned. We now have a box that have has been set back to factory default with not Italian channels. As you can imagine this is most upsetting for him as he keeps reminding me that his favorite program is on tonight and he's doing my head in. Has anyone else experienced this issue before? Also I had a look in the stb information section at it seems that the current firmware installed is dated 23.06.2010.

If anyone can offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

If you require any other information I'll be more than happy to provide it.