Satlink 6933


Have you done this if the file is not hex?

In order to load new firmware on the instrument, you need to convert the file BIN b HEX. The BIN file is enough for me.
Thank you.

I will search my drives when I have the time to try and find the file I used to flash my 6933.
My one has v9.1 which I flashed some time ago.
Ignore this. It doesn't need to be a hex file.

It was quite some time ago when I last flashed mine.


try flymcu

driver installation
1. connect the ws 6933 to the computer
2. turn on the ws 6933
3. open the driver folder
4. startup program CH341SER (win 7/8 right click and run as administrator)
5. install

download from the device file firmware
1. turn off the device
2. press and hold the return button
3. switch on the device
4. Power led lights up
5. press the return button
6. connect the device to the computer via usb
7. flymcu launch program screenshot 1.jpg
8. mouse on readflash
9. flymcu will ask where to save the file (.bin) screenshot 2.jpg
10. save file - will read the firmware

all at your own risk
Can't see any screenshot