Satellite coverage and channel list (West Midlands)


I have a VU+ Solo2 with a Technomate TM2600 and a 90cm dish. The dish can go to around 4W-6W before it is blocked by buildings and has a clear line of sight through approx 40E before it is obscured by trees (which shed their leaves in winter). When the dish moves east it seems to drop below the horizon so I cannot pick up anything past 28.8E. Does this seem right? I found the following satellites and channels and wonder if this seems about right too?

0.8W SNR 56, AGC 78, 950 channels
1.9E SNR 86, AGC 91, 98 channels
9.0E SNR 94, AGC 82, 490 channels
10.0E SNR 58, AGC 78, 347 channels
13.0E SNR 81, AGC 78, 1939 channels
16.0E SNR 65, AGC 78, 686 channels
19.2E SNR 81, AGC 78, 1443 channels
23.5E SNR 57, AGC 96, 418 channels
28.2E SNR 100, AGC 78, 986 channels

Many of the channels appear not to have anything on them (I mean I cannot see any picture), and/or maybe require a card?
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