Replacement for Ariva 52E


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I contacted my satellite retailer, as i would like to buy another Ferguson Ariva 52E receiver, for receiving free-view English channels on Astra 2E, 28.2oE

However, i'm told that this receiver is no longer made, and that a similar replacement Ferguson (for freeview only) will be available in 3 weeks.

I have three questions please:-

1. Does anyone know what this Ferguson HD receiver for freeview is called (he said 'star' or something...?)?

2.Can i use a Wifi adapter with it (for YouPorn etc), as i can with the Ariva 52E (Ferguson Wifi W02 adapter)?

3. Is there an Editor, which i can use on my pc, for saving satellite channel-lists etc?

I would really appreciate some help.

thanks in advance,