Questions: Azbox Premium HD Plus Clone Owners


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Hi everyone first of all i just ordered an azbox HD+ clone from china,and expected to be arrive by next week maybe.
i owned an DM800se clone aswell and turn out to be pretty good in terms of support and preformance and been 3 years using it with Openpli4.

The reason i purchased Azbox Prem HD+:

- Pretty good Blindscan(according to some people)
- 4:2:2 video support
- BISS key input

So i did some research on the web for clone azbox prem HD+
but seems the information i got is not that strong and in the end it confused me. So below is my questions, so im hoping some of clone owners of this Azbox HD+ share there idea i really appreciate that alot.

1. Is it safe to update the firmware up to 0.9.5402?

2. Can i flash images like OpenRsi3, OpenATV 4.2 and other E2 Original images without patching or modifying it using online update module?

3. is it safe to use Azup 2.2.6 or 2.2.4 for clones? if anybody tried it.

4. What do you think is the best/stable image for this clone? that has pretty stable Blindscan on it?

5. what is the best softcam plugin for azbox? im not really sure what to use the first thing that came up into my mind is cccam, not sure if that works ok on azbox.

6. What should i avoid when using this clone version of Azbox HD+?

I really appreciate all the replies, PEACE!


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Ok i just finished playing around my azbox and ended up Booting..XD..i just ordered USB TTL to recover.

Ok i'll have to confirm that clone works on latest 0.9.5402 original FW without problem, mine came up with 0.9.3177 wich pretty much a crappy FW and alot of heat w/o Hardware Acc and Fan working.

I just tried OpenSpa 3.2, RTI 1.7 and OpenRSI3, but 1 image that won't work OpenAtv 4.2 i don't know why maybe it need some patch to work.

Blindscan on Original FW specially the very latest. I havn't got time to install softcam thou, later i will.

on E2 images i was using 2.2.7 Azup btw.

more updates to come.