Problems with firmware after 2,00


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Hi to all.

first of all I have coolstream hd1 2 years without any problem .

at the end of winter 2012 my son make a damage on Ethernet port ( no led no working at all the lan port behind of the receiver)

anyway I check a usb wifi that I have and all ok I have network , I mound my netwok shares without problem....

everything ok BUT upgrading the receiver versions after NG 2.00 I have problem...receiver blocks and no response at all.

Depends of the software I have message in osd INIT HARDWARE or just check it with last 2.40 INIT DRIVERS blocks every time upgrading with any version after 2.00.

Do you have any idea how can I upgrade with success 2.40 or any version after 2.00 ?

I thing a procedure but I am not sure about it.

Maybe the problem is a routine to checking the hardware of the Ethernet port and founds the damage and bloks.

a solution maybe is someone of you with usb wifi takes a backup image and send it to me ... i am not sure about it but if into menu we have check wlan maybe the backup image works with me.

Thank you and waiting yours ideas.


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If you have completed the tests you were told, I would like to know how it went.:)

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