problem after flashing Kathrein UFS 910 on line


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tried to flash the box on line but everything went to hell,
no program works to kontackt with the box not kathi up no recovery tool nor KCC.
tried with Hyper termial Gorde erase everything and emergency.ub all these setenv

and so on but no solution so far.
is shining red and stands just Kathrein UFS-910th
none of these progarm can ping to the box.
can not ping to the box with PCs, either.
it may be vätvark part which is wrong?
if yes, how do you solve this?
or can be anything that causes it?
very grateful to Savar.
had AAF 2.03e on flsh and AFF media server on your USB stick


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This was solution
Ultimate Flash Recovery (4 when box is dead) 2010/09/03 18:16 Karma: 6 Karma+ Karma-
When flash is badly messed up KathiUp will not work. You can write to flash but it will not boot at the end of flashing and you just get redlight on Kathi so use this method instead.

Connect null modem cable with pc and Kathi using (I use Com Port 1)

Use Windows pc with Hyperterminal prog installed. Can be downloaded free if you
dont have it already. Search Google.

Download UltimateFlashRecovery 910 rev 0.998 from AAF team site and unzip file on to desktop.

Inside zip file is image file, 'ufr910.img' and .exe file.

You are going to load image file on to Kathi flash. exe file tells box how to do it.

Load image file on to fat32 usb stick 'kathrein'/'ufs910'/then the image file as normal.

Put usb stick in front slot of box (some sticks not compatible!)

Open Hyperterminal Prog on pc.

New Connection (give it session name like 'Kathi')

Configure the connection as below.



Switch on box, press return key at once to prevent box booting of box.

Text appears in Hypertermal prog means Kathi is connected to PC. If not then check connections.

copy text below in bold and paste in Hyperterminal

loadb a4000000; bootm a4000000

Paste to Host (text appears in text box)

Press return

Message in text box shows 'ready for binary Kermit' or similar

Click Transfer, send file.

Protocol 'Kermit' (IMPORTANT!)

Filename, Browse. select the .exe file download earlier.

Click Send.

File should transfer to box but sometimes fails, if fails repeat procedure, transfer takes about ten seconds.

Do not touch Kathi!

Kathi now boots and reads file from USB drive. Messages on front of box.

Erasing flash

Writing flash

Takes a few minutes.

Kathi reboots. Flash is now healthy and read for new firmware.

Close Hypertinamal programme.

Now use USB method for new flash using 'notfall image' or other recovery image.

Please post any mistakes and I will correct.

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