Premier League Football on TV Nov / Dec 2020


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All times in GMT November Fixtures,

Saturday, 21 November

Newcastle v Chelsea (12:30) - BT Sport

Aston Villa v Brighton (15:00) - BT Sport

Tottenham v Manchester City (17:30) - Sky Sports

Manchester United v West Brom (20:00) - BT Sport

Sunday, 22 November

Fulham v Everton (12:00) - BBC One

Sheffield United v West Ham (14:00) - Sky Sports

Leeds v Arsenal (16:30) - Sky Sports

Liverpool v Leicester (19:15) - Sky Sports

Monday, 23 November

Burnley v Crystal Palace (17:30) - Sky Sports

Wolves v Southampton (20:00) - Sky Sports

Friday, 27 November

Crystal Palace v Newcastle (20:00) - Amazon Prime

Saturday, 28 November

Brighton v Liverpool (12:30) - BT Sport

Manchester City v Burnley (15:00) - BT Sport

Everton v Leeds (17:30) - Sky Sports

West Brom v Sheffield United (20:00) - Sky Sports

Sunday, 29 November

Southampton v Manchester United (14:00) - Sky Sports

Chelsea v Tottenham (16:30) - Sky Sports

Arsenal v Wolves (19:15) - Sky Sports

Monday, 30 November

Leicester v Fulham (17:30) - Sky Sports

West Ham v Aston Villa (20:00) - Sky Sports

December 2020 Fixtures:-


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The full Christmas fixture list and where you can watch

Saturday, 26 December

Leicester City v Manchester United (12:30 GMT - BT Sport)

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace (15:00 - BBC)

Fulham v Southampton (15:00 GMT - Sky Sports)

Arsenal v Chelsea (17:30 BST - Sky Sports)

Manchester City v Newcastle United (20:00 GMT - BT Sport)

Sheffield United v Everton (20:00 GMT - BT Sport)

Sunday, 27 December

Leeds United v Burnley (12:00 GMT - Sky Sports)

West Ham United v Brighton & Hove Albion (14:15 GMT - Sky Sports)

Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion (16:30 GMT - Sky Sports)

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur (19:15 GMT - Sky Sports)

Monday, 28 December

Crystal Palace v Leicester City (15:00 GMT - Amazon)

Chelsea v Aston Villa (17:30 GMT - Amazon)

Everton v Manchester City (20:00 GMT - Amazon)

Tuesday, 29 December

Brighton & Hove Albion v Arsenal (18:00 GMT - Amazon)

Burnley v Sheffield United (18:00 GMT - Amazon)

Southampton v West Ham United (18:00 GMT - Amazon)

West Bromwich Albion v Leeds United (18:00 GMT - Amazon)

Manchester United v Wolverhampton Wanderers (20:00 GMT - Amazon)

Wednesday, 30 December

Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham (18:00 GMT - Amazon)

Newcastle United v Liverpool (20:00 GMT - Amazon)


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Wednesday 16th December 2020

Arsenal v Southampton
Leeds v Newcastle
Leicester v Everton

Fulham v Brighton
Liverpool v Tottenham
West Ham v Crystal Palace
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Poor picture quality on Prime Video ?

If you still have your internet via a copper wire what do you expect ? Cheap bills & crap internet, lots of Internet providers claim they have Fibre connections, but they do not :eek:

I have over 100mb via Virgin Media excellent picture quality & stability 2nd to none :thum:
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ONLY 100mb ??
That is still trash i'd really want a refund unless it was FREE :D
i think pic quality does not really matter much of how fast your internet or WIFI really is i get 300+mb on my WIFI even while d/loading several torrents :D

I Think pic quality on Amazon is hit & miss it was stunning good and awesome for Spuds v Scousers ....
but Sheffield v Man U was just average quality nothing special ,
Amazon need to up their game if they really wanna compete in today's market ...its not gonna cut it if they fail on quality and keep on fail with lack of games shown they need to put down serious money if they seriously want to be recognized as a company that wants to get noticed simple as that as BT/Sky will continue to dominate the markets for another decade or as long as they desire and really make peeps continue to pay for that Fact .

MY Speed Result => :thum:


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Mon 28th Dec
15:00 Crystal Palace v Leicester City
17:30 Chelsea v Aston Villa
20:00 Everton v Manchester City

Tue 29th
18:00 Brighton H.A. v Arsenal
===== Southampton v West Ham United
===== Burnley v Sheffield United
===== West Bromwich Albion v Leeds United
20:00 Manchester United v Wolves

Wed 30th
18:00 Tottenham v Fulham
20:00 Newcastle United v Liverpool
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