Predasaurus 2.21

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Predasaurus 2.21

See "howto.txt" for instructions

About this version:
For TREX 4.5 and TREX 4.6Module.

Emulation for Irdeto, Nagra, Viaccess, Viaccess2, Seca and Cryptoworks , with keyeditor
(check out the "Debug" option in the menu).

Well, the Dragonteam is still locked into the lab, and we told them they wouldn't get any
food until they made a new release. They thought we were joking at first.....
But they soon got hungry enough to bring you:

TPS/Multivision/ABSat AU!
To make this work, go to a scrambled channel on hotbird 10873V
(eg France4, France5, LCP) and wait for the picture to clear, should take a minute at most.
Once it clears, you're good to go until about 3am, at which time the procedure must be repeated.

Also fixed issue where PW Bundesliga channels would not clear.

NOTE: For those of you that have had problems with the security update in previous versions,
this was due to a timing error in the Predasaur soft, there is nothing wrong with your CAM!
This version should fix the problem.

I would like to clear up some confusion about what files work on what cam:

TREX/Dragon 4.1 and lower: Predator files ONLY
TREX 4.5: Both Predator and Predasaur files work, Predasaur without security features
Upgrade your 4.5 cam to 4.6 thru your dealer!
TREX 4.6: Both Predator and Predasaur files work, Predasaur with all security features

Thx Kinkdink
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