PKT NEBULA v1 Image For All IP-Box mod by ghani


PKT NEBULA v1 Image For All IP-Boxen mod by ghani

Enigma2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-3457 PKT SVN-1565 NEBULA v1 Image 

Kernel stm24-207 

Added by sh4 Duckbox Team: 

- [lirc] update lirc to 0.9.0 and add patch which increases response time on spark 
- fix portmap 
- [directfb] fix input driver 
- [p191] fix artefacts in minitv picture if watching 1080p tv channels 
- [enigma2] fix skinselector bug 
- [spark] fix enigma2 keymapping behaviour 
- fix aotom vfd subversion error 
- [python] force largefile support 
- [player] propose fix for missing audio for at least one channel on bard 26 east sat which broadcasts in aac-hen (not tested) 
- [spark] improve nand write speed from 5.8mb/s to 6.8mb/s by decreasing partition size, 64mb is enouth. also add padding to flash image generation to eliminate jffs2 filesystem errors due to invalid areas in partition 
- [p191] fix aspect of 352x288 channels 
- [add] enable rtmpdump ffmpeg 
- [FORTIS_HDBOX] fix driver/frontend/stv090x 
- [add] libpng-1.5.6 
- [busybox] - update to 1.19.4 
- [aotom] - small syntax fixes 
- deactivate manifester fix only for 576i 
- [libeplayer3] fix externel subs segfault 
- [boost] - Update to v1.49.0 

Added by PKT: 

[ALL] add PKT Hdd Manager v1.1 
- automount support 
- manual mounting 10 defined points to /media 
[ALL] add PKT Backup Manager v1.5 
- change backup to /hdd/backup location 
- quick backup of e2, settings, emu, network, crossepg 
- full backup of whole image 
[ALL] add PKT SMB Server Manager v1.2 
[ALL] add PKT VPN Client Manager v0.7 
[ALL] add PKT DLNA Manager v1.1 
[ALL] add PKT Auto DeepStandby 
[ALL] add PKT FrontPanel Setup 1.2 
- fan speed control for ipbox 9900 and ufs922 
- VFD brightness 
- VFD utilities 
[ALL] add NetworkBrowser for CIFS/NFS management 
[ALL] add net patch in /media for CIFS/NFS manager 
[ALL] Network changes:  
- code optimalization 
- fix more bugs 
- fix wifi network start 
- reorganization WiFi Menu, 
- add all WiFi adapter setup to one place 
- add support for rt5370 wifi drivers 
- fix network setup at first start 
[ALL] BP -> Settings : added Video settings ( brightness, saturation, tint ) 
[ALL] reorganization BluePanel for Mount Center Menu 
[ALL] reorganization Multimedia Menu 
[ALL] fix HelpMenu 
[ALL] add missing WebBouquetEditor 
[ALL] swap size 128 -> 64 
[ALL] EPG data preserve, to restore after system crash like GS or hard reset. 
[ALL] progress fix 
[ALL] remove VidBrowser 
[ALL] change hard reset code to OK->0->0->0->0 sequence 
[ALL] for reboot after 4x"0" added info on VFD - to be sure it was user call 
[ALL] remove Moderate Standby 
[ALL] added DD Subtitle Player support to new version of KeyMapper 
[ALL] fix BitrateViewer 
[ALL] DD SubtitlePlayer updated to v.3.09 
[ALL] VFD in standby fix for days names 
[ALL] HDD Temperature fix - process starts only if activated in SkinSetup 
[ALL] add WebMedia 5.0 
[ALL] GraphMultiEPG - close plugin after zap channel ( key OK ) 
[ALL] fast AspectRatio switch - added OSD info  
[ALL] some fixes for DVDPlayer -now DVDPlayer should work on SD and HD skins 
[ALL] fix MyTube 
[ALL] add CEControl plugin - only on STI7111 STI7105 STB 
[ALL] fix FTDI & PL2303 status display 
[ALL] remove Media Center from BP - available only from download 
[ALL] fix EXIT in keymap 
[ALL] fix Timeshift - 4:3 channels : restore aspect ratio after TS activation from the letterbox format 
[ALL] add 1080p50 mode should work on STI7105, STI7111, STI7110 especially: SF1028, UFS912, HS7810A, HS7110 
[ALL] BP added to main menu 
[ALL] update PKT FEED - group in categories 
[IP9900] VFD REC, HD, Dolby icons fix 
[IP9900] fix TXT 
[IP9900] clear VFD incons on startup 
[IP9000] Pg Up/Dn in EPG 
[IP9000] keymap for show Favourites 
[IP900] fan absence GS fix 
[IP99] autodetect available nims for mgcamd patch 
[UFS910] fix memory check 
[UFS922] fix cooler speed setup 
[SF10X8] fix evremote speed and active long keypress in SF1008SE+ 
[SF10X8] added SleepTimer for SLEEP key 
[SF10X8] keymap fix Channel Up/Down 
[SF10X8] fix VFD Icons 
[SF1028] fix audio drops 
[SF1028] fix multituner in flash version 

Known issue: 
- on some channels TimeShift turns off after few seconds if time of shift < 7 sec. 
- if DVD player make restart GUI, run first any movie in Media Player during 5 sec and next use DVD Player 
- [UFS910] instalation on some hardisk make trouble it is probably u-boot bug 

THX for Germany translate by daTa deVil 
THX for Russian translate by spartak73 

FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam