Persian Empire images


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This is not a new image, but it proved hard to locate any working download links for this image.
I did find this version, which I made available for download here:
Persian Empite RC7 r166

There is released at least two more recent versions, but I found no working link for these, r175 and r182.
If anybody have these stored somewhere, please upload them and share a link.

I did test this image today because I am looking for an image that does work well for recording.
There are a few things that is not working, and that is why I would like to test the more recent versions.

- Wifi seemes buggy. It found my network and I set it up with WPA2 encrytion and activated it. It did fail to perform the network test.
This is not a big problem for me since I can use LAN.
- CIFS does not work. Cifs filesystem seem to be installed, but it fail when I modprobe it. Because of this I am not able to mount my network disk, and this is a major problem for me.

On the positive side, recording from encrypted TV channels did work, and I can play it back without crashing.
One one occasion I experienced that the tv image freezed while recording, but the recording itself was ok anyway.
Timeshift is supported, but it does seem buggy aand might cause you to restart the box.
Also, the update servers / repository servers are not working, so it is hard to install updates and extra modules. Perhaps
modules from other images on kernel 3.9.2 can be used?
Softcams are supposed to be downloaded from the software manager panel, but this also seem offline, so cam must be installed manually.
It was quite easy to install oscam though, just copy the binary to /usr/camd and chmod it 755. Also copy your configfiles to /usr/keys.
(acually I did copy then also to /etc/tuxbox/config, so I am not 100% sure where the cam reads them from)