• Discussion in the Admin room about nightly images, we dont really need or want these posting for the following reasons.

    1. We all know where to get them.
    2. Never have a change log.
    3. The changes if any are not worthy of anyone upgrading there boxes on a daily basis.
    4. They clutter the forum up.

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[OE2.5] Gemini4.x Images DM820HD


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[OE2.5] Gemini4.2 Images


Maybe someone has already noticed. With the latest update from GeminiBluePanel there is now a message (new GP).
We would like to thank you for introducing the new GP4.2.
From the surface, not too much has changed, but under the "hood" a lot is new, which justifies a new version control.
We recommend a brand new installation of current image + GP4.2 as per WIKI.
The GP4.2 is fully Designed for streaming. Almost all power providers can simply use Remote control can be added to the channel list. In addition, you can easily assign an online EPG to the streams or DVB channels.
Most functions are realized via Dreamnetcast or implemented via the menu in the channel list. Dreamnetcast is now modularly built. Programmers can add additional APIs or playlists as LIBs for Dreamnetcast. Dreamnetcast brings the following LIBs. Laut.fm, Radio Browser and YouTube. Many Additional LIBs can be installed via AddonManager. The favorite leaderboard in Dreamnetcast has been greatly expanded. There are now 7 favorite folders, for example for series or live broadcasts.
The electronic EPG can: be extended by the user with own sources.
An example is the /etc/enigma2/netcastepg_gemini.json file. Please save your own sources in a new file named "/etc/enigma2/netcastepg_wasauchimmer.json".
Otherwise are available in many plugins, fixes and partially new features join.
There will be no more updates for GP4.1. Who is now afraid because of his "old" Dreambox ... GP4.2 is available for all MIPSEL, ARMHF and ARM64 boxes.
If you do not want to upload a new image, as suggested above, continue as follows.
AddonManager->Gemini Plugins->gemini feed updater. Install the package. After a reboot back into AddonManager and perform a full upgrade.
In the current Enigma even some streams will not be problem free But improvement is on the way.

Latest Gemini 4.2 OE2.5 images