Nexus 0.2 'moon' TD Image

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Nexus 0.2 'moon' TD Image

Description & features:

-> 8MB image, based on latest official image
-> var size 2.1MB
-> all plugins moved to /var/plugins
-> IPKG management (install & remove) via plugin or console
-> updated libznexus: pmt & capmt (camd.socket) management included (to disable: see "libznexus flags"), libnoalco not needed anymore
-> no emu included, use ipkg installer to add plugins & tools
-> manually add additional plugins to /var/plugins or use ipkg if ipk available
-> only en-it locales included, add other locales in /var/locale

plugins already included in /var/plugins

-> libinadyn
-> libipkg
-> libds
-> libstreaming
-> libshoutcast
-> libsavesettings
and others

libznexus flags
/var/share/.donthandlecapmt -> disable pmt/capmt management, for those who still want to use libnoalco (add by yourself)
/var/share/.donthandledockbar ->disable libznexus infobar
please note: pmt/capmt management code is at the very first stage of development, so it must be considered beta code

The Nexus Team

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