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On sale are clones Vu + Solo

Among the wide variety of equipment for satellite TV in the sale began to appear on forgery receiver Vu + Solo. At one time there were just receivers clones on Dreambox, Openbox, and now clones and receivers Gi. That certainly is an indication of a successful strategy , correct pricing and very popular among users of the products of Galaxy Innovations. But, if in the case of pricing Dreambox receivers of this brand is slightly higher and the difference between the original and clone reached 2-2.5 times, in this situation, the price difference of the original Gi S8180 Vu + Solo and the mysterious box clone much less , and the problem wishing to earn not to make you feel relaxed and simply cheat.

How did buying Receivers Vu + Solo is to determine the original or clone?
Let's start with the external differences :


The rear panel has a huge set of differences:

In clone longer input LNB, no inscription Made in Korea, over connectors HDMI, SCART, component, composite video and optical S / PDIF fixing screws are black reset button is not exactly in the center of the square, all the inscriptions in a larger font, logos standards certification arranged differently ...

Remove the top cover. In clone inside it black in the original - white:


Internal components are also visible differences:


Not recommended to open the receiver as it is done in the figures in order to avoid loss of warranty.

Clone installed image Black Hole version 1.6.6. When you install version 1.6.7. receiver does not give absolutely no image, and when you switch the impression that he "died". Only helps fill the image 1.6.6. over 1.6.7.

User Manual clone different printing quality, thinner cover, yellow, white inside pages. Do Gi S8180 cover color of coffee with milk, denser inner pages yellow-cream color:


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