NewCS v.1.67 RC1 source code


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u can find most of it in oscam..

Why u say oscam is not a public CS software....

OSCAM=Open Source Conditional Access Module software..

if u had search the forum u find all ur answers easy

for newcs debug

Options Telnet/terminal

| help| None Displays help text.
| keys| None Display AU/SA serialnumbers from card.
| users| None Displays stats about users.
| readers| None Displays readers and their status.
| cards| None Displays readers and their status.
| uptime| None Displays NewCS's uptime.
| stats| None Displays Statistics.
| cache| None Displays Statistics.
| version| None Displays NewCS's version, and configfile used.
| restart| None Reinit all your cards.
| reset| [reader number] Reset Cards.
| reset2| [reader number] Reset Cards.
| ban| [user id] Ban a user from NewCS.
| unban| [user id] Unban a user from NewCS.
| sub| [reader number] Display Entitlements from your cards.
| sids| (add/remove/clear) Display and change your sid-lists.
| | (reader number)(sid)(allow/deny)
| adduser| [username][password] Add a newcamd user to your NewCS.
| | [spider][au][sidoverride][rate]
| blocker| (reader number)(ua/sa/ga)(yes/no) Display and change the blocker status in your NewCS.
| level| (None/Normal/Verbose/Spam/Internal) Set the loglevel in this telnet session.
| type| (General/Init/ECM/EMM/Net/IO/All) Set the logtype in this telnet session.
| osd| [username][message] Send a message to one of your connected clients.
| statsreset| None Reset the statistics on your newcamd users.
| exit| None Disconnect this telnet session.
| bye| None Disconnect this telnet session.
| quit| None Disconnect this telnet session.
| cham2status| None Chameleon2 Status Summary
| cham2sessions| None Chameleon2 Sessions Summary
| cham2cards| None Chameleon2 Cards Summary
| cham2discover| None Chameleon2 Discover cards
| halt| None Stop NewCS
| shutdown| None Stop NewCS