Newbees questions


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After many days of struggle, I finally succeeded to install an NLB image on my Cuberevo HD-3000L and was able to scan Astra 23.5E with my motor parabola.

Now I want to test Enigma2.

1. Is there a way to make a backup of the existing installation, so I do not have to start with the image from scratch in case I want to revert to this working installation?

2. I have found that I can telnet to the box from Windows with
login: root
pw: relook
Can I make the box to accept ssh calls?
I have found the file boot.no_ssh in the /var/etc
Is there the secret to open the ssh?

3. I found that I can run vi, but I am not "good enough" to use the vi. Is there another possibility to edit the text files?

I understand that these questions belong somewhere else in the universe, but Linux people would probably tell me RTFM. So I hope someone here can help me.


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Have you tried installing DCC for Enigma2?
It’s the ideal tool where you can make backups and more. Only once I made a backup, but was a long time ago.

Now a days this option comes with the image.
I remember that NLB was not one of the best, try Sifteam or PKTeam.

Dunno if the images suit your receiver. If the 3000 is similar to the 900, then it’s ok.
(I remember images bigger than 30MB/33MB is for the multiboot.)