New MOD languages v. 3.0


G++ presents the new release of the MOD languages v. 3.0 (some fixed sats & addeds)

opening file: G++ MOD languages v. 3.0.hdf
file CRC: 60BDFBFB
file MD5: 6d8d04b0c18e80c3839925ede74d358f

1 - Added "satnames.ini" in the HNFSmart folder (Overwrite the older one)
2 - Open "G++ MOD languages.hdf" with HDFSmart and send it to Humax
3 - Send to Humax last CST SETTINGS
(using PC-->HUMAX option instead of PC-->HUMAX (NO CONFIG))


Sats Directory:

01.Hot Bird 13.0°E
02.Astra 1 19.2°E
03.Eutelsat W2 16.0°E
04.Eutelsat W1 10.0°E
05.Eutelsat W3A 7.0°E
06.Astra 1C-Sirius 2/3 4.8°E
07.Telecom 2C 3.0°E
08.Thor-Int. 10/02 1.0°W
09.Atlantic Bird 3 5.0°W
10.Telecom-Bird 2 8.0°W
11.Intelsat 901 18.0°W
12.NSS 7 22.0°W
13.Intelsat 907 27.5°W
14.Hispasat 1C/1D 30.0°W
15.Amazonas 61.0°W
16.Astra 1D/3A 23.5°E
17.Eurobird 2 25.5°E
18.Eur. 1-Astra 2 28.2°E
19.NSS 703 57.0°E
20.Arabsat 2B 30.5°E
21.Intelsat 801 31.5°W
22.Turksat 1C/2A 42.0°E
23.Intelsat 12 45.0°E
24.Express AM1 40.0°E
25.Hellas Sat 2 39.0°E
26.Eut. Sesat-W4 36.0°E
27.Amos 1/2 4.0°W
28.Nilesat-Bird 4 7.0°W
29.Express A3 11.0°W
30.Atlantic Bird 1 12.5°W
31.Telstar 12 15.0°W
32.Intelsat 903 34.5°W
33.Intelsat 6B/3R 43.0°W
34.Intelsat 1R 45.0°W
35.Eutelsat W6 21.6°E
36.Eur. 3-Int. 802 33.0°E
37.Express AM22 53.0°E
38.Badr 3/4 26.0°E
39.Intelsat 902 62.0°E
40.Intelsat 7/10 68.5°E
41.Intelsat 905 24.5°W
42.Intelsat 603 20.0°W
43.Intelsat 9 58.0°W
44.Eutelsat W5 70.5°E
45.Intelsat 4 72.0°E
46.Eurobird 4 4.0°E
47.Intelsat 904 60.0°E
48.ABS 1 75.0°E
49.Eurobird 9 9.0°E

Thanks to Cyrus & Evil

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