New Firmware update & MYTVOnline2 for Formuler Z8


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Firmware Version : 1.4.14 (r18946)
MYTVOnline 2 : 7.1.1 (r1070)

WARNING: Software cannot be rolled back after installation. Factory reset after install is recommended.

Change Log:

  • [SYSTEM] ADD: Organize Launcher icons. Press and hold OK on the remote
  • [SYSTEM] FIX: Device randomly powers on while in Power OFF state
  • [SYSTEM] FIX: Network data usage leak
  • [SYSTEM] FIX: WLAN connection drops randomly
  • [SYSTEM] PREF: UPnP/DLNA client now OFF by default. Turn ON from Android Settings if needed.
  • [MOL2] ADD: EPG Scheduled recordings. Schedule recordings across different portals and playlists.
  • [MOL2] ADD: EPG reminders. Schedule reminders across different portals and playlists.
  • [MOL2] ADD: Background recording. Switch to different apps while recording.
  • [MOL2] ADD: Extra recording time. Automatically add extra time to the beginning and end of scheduled recordings. Access from the Settings menu
  • [MOL2] ADD: Hide Channel groups. Access from Portal Edit menu.
  • [MOL2] ADD: Alphabetical channel list sorting. Access from the Settings menu
  • [MOL2] ADD: VOD trailers for xtream-codes API portals
  • [MOL2] ADD: Local m3u caching
  • [MOL2] FIX: Connection to servers not properly closed
  • [MOL2] FIX: Wrong channels displayed in Channel History list
  • [MOL2] FIX: Resolution info and resolution icon don't match
  • [MOL2] FIX: HLS VOD playback issue
  • [MOL2] FIX: VOD list empty issue
  • [MOL2] FIX: Live stream URL not closed when changing portals when Local Timeshift is ON.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


formuler z8

After doing the update yesterday my formuler z8 will no longer load my tvonline 2 app every time it boots it just goes to the software update app and says that the current software is the latest. I have done a factory reset a number of time still no go. anyone know how to fix this.