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Kernel 2.6.9 Squashfs 2.2-r2 LZMA-Patch
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Question: How to switch off RC-click beep?
ANSWER: Main Menu/Settings/Key Setup/Key click =on/off
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There is 2.01-version of Neutrino.DREAM for dreambox dm-70x0/500/56x0.
To continue our work we need feedback bug-reports.

32 bit colorset Neutrino for dm-7020/7000
new mode - auto-timeshifting for dm-7020/7000
OpenTV epg support(TPS)
redo some of infopanel and other places
added support user's icons(raw)- /var/share/icons
yWeb version=2.0.2 date=08.07.2006
and other fixes and hidden changes

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Question: How to switch on auto-timeshifting mode?
ANSWER: Main Menu/Settings/Recording/direct recording settings/Auto-timeshift start pause.
Set entry more than zero. 1 or 2 or 5... or 300.
Now at each zap channel record automatically will begin.
Auto-Record(files) of the previous channel will automatically delete at each zap channels.
Auto-timeshifting mode is a special mode of recording, but it can be switched on original record-mode.
Features menu/Auto-timeshift to basic record mode.
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Question: How to get TPS-weekly EPG?
ANSWER: You must have Neutrino.DREAM v2.01
There is mustbe present /var/etc/tps.list.
Zap to FRANCE 5/10892.0 MHz V and Main Menu/Scripts/Load MHW epg.
Known problem - time to time you cant list EPG direct from infopanel or EPG Plus panel.
But it possible under press [red]botton any time.
Before You make a start, see /var/bin/ and editing it for your choice.
On dreambox without HDD You can make your personal scripts for save and restore all epg, not mhw/otv only.
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Neutrino.DREAM Plus v2.03 dm-56x0

Neutrino.DREAM Plus v2.03 dm-56x0 /8bit-colorset

Welcome to Neutrino.DREAM Plus!

Neutrino.DREAM Plus v2.03/8bit-colorset
**Audioplayer**Movieplayer**PictureViewer**TS MovieBrowser**Yweb**
**Live-veiw by web**Muiti-EPG: D+/Sky Italia/Cyfra+*EPG cash**
**Support gotoXX/USALS commands for DisEqC 1.2 motors**
**Bouquet editor**Virtual Zap**Zapit options menu**
**Manual scan per frequency**Movie-cutter**
**Flexmenu**Tuxwetter****TuxBox Commander****Tuxmail**Tuxcal**
Lockales: deutsch, dutch, english, french, hungarian, italiano,
lithuanian, polski, portugues, russkij.

file: dm56x0_n8plus_v2.03_20070306.img
md5sum: 56C485AF0A868419D5731F622B3926C2

check read me for all infos
Thx to ruDbox Team
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