Netropolis HD by Franc - Original


MetropolisHD by Franc - Original


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Download MetropolisHD by Franc ver. 1.0

- Original skin
- For OpenPLI 4 based images.

Installation via telnet:
opkg install /tmp/enigma2-skin-metropolishd_1.0 --force-overwrite

Manual installation:
Usual procedure, the IPK version is above but here is the info anyway:
1. In /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Converter/ and /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Renderer/ - overwriting the existing files is recommended!
2. In /usr/share/fonts (in some Enigmas /usr/local/share/fonts/) copy all fonts - overwrite, as above.
3. File MetropolisHD copy to folder /usr/share/enigma2 (in some Enigmas folder /usr/local/share/enigma2)

In case of trouble, return to the default skin by going into E2 via FTP and in folder /etc/enigma2/ find the file settings, where one changes the default skin in the following line: Instead of "MetropolisHD" put the name of the default skin. Or simply delete the whole MetropolisHD folder.

SNRdB vs. SNR:
By default in infobar one gets the signal strength in dB, while in the 'secondinfobar' it's in %, if E2 supports it. If one gets "N/A" in infobar (or similar nonsense) one should alter the values in the main Menu: - Menu --> Setup --> System --> User Interface --> Show SNR percentage instead of dB value = Yes

With MetropolisHD I recommend 'black picons', never transparent or oled variety.

For "AntiMariozo" version of the skin: replace skin.xml with skin-antimariozo.xml (see the fourth and fifth image below, to see the difference).

P.P.S. Original S-C text by the author of the skin translated into English by gorski


A note: Some plugins/extensions can slow down Enigma2, as well as a skin...

<!-- MetropolisHD Skin for Enigma2 - By Franc -->
<!-- Version 1.0 -->
<!-- This skin and all its graphics are free, do whatever you want with this skin but only for personal use, and don't tell it's yours, or your idea! -->
<!-- You can modify and redistribute it as long as you keep this License for the skin. -->
<!-- If you want to contact me i usually hang arround or on e-mail sateliteacc([at]) -->
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