Need help with Gold Ram for Samsung 9500

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I'm trying to send a gold ram to my Samsung dsr 9500 via ci.
I bought a "usb to serial" cable and received it yesterday.
I connect it to the pc, send the file through dsr studio V1.4 and it receives the file, i checked the keys on the emu menu, they are all there, but i cant open anything! Nothing!.
I don't know if Im doing something wrong or if I have to do something else.
I'm only sending the 4kb file "Gold ram 8.2_ I2 full.bin".
I've read every single thread on the forum about it but i didn't yet understand who to put it working.
If you can help me, please reply.

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Well, no.
Maybe that's why it doesn't worked...
But there's a problem. The receiver is not working anymore. I connect it to the power supply and on the screen appears four dashes(----) and the receiver does not starts.
It was working well, I removed it and took it to another room, connect it and it never started again.
I will try to repair it, and if i succeed I will install the firmware you proposed.
Thank you anyway.